Giants Rush is a bit different than most New York Giants websites.  Sure we deliver entertaining, opinionated and sometimes a bit too personal stories; however, what makes Giants Rush so different is that the website supports a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show every Wednesday at 9pm.

With the NFL combine over and the draft in our sights, the staff at “Giants Rush” will officially crank up our weekly show this Wednesday April 10th at 9pm.

So, sit back in your office chair or on the couch with your tablet in hand and tune into some great discussions and predictions regarding New York Giants football.

In 2013 Giants Rush has added on a few new writers and panelists with great backgrounds to bring some good compelling discussion.   Giants Rush will be “LIVE” every Wednesday leading up to the draft and then approximately every other week until training camp kicks off.

Join the discussion via instant message or just find out what tens of thousands of “Big Blue” fans have been listening too every week, for the last four years.  Join Bill Chachkes(Dr. Football), John Fennelly(SNY), Lou Musto, Chris Uhl, Kyle McMorrow, Danielle Vollono, Dan Stack and myself as we bring you New York Giants football our way.

Enjoy the Rush!

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor/VP of Operations




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