Java with Jones: Week 13 – Oh The Pain

By Mike Basile, @MikeyFresh04

Just Java… no Jones.  Mike Glennon got his first start of the season in Miami against the red-hot Dolphins. The Giants lost 20-9 and are 4-8 which most likely ends their chances at playing in the postseason.

The Digits:

Glennon went 23-44 for 187 yards and an interception for a 53.9 rating. Of course, the same dysfunction that surrounds Daniel Jones was on display. Kenny Golladay missed a portion of the game with injured ribs, Saquon Barkley dropped 3 passes, and Darius Slayton dropped another 3.

The Evaluation:

Mike Glennon is a career backup for a reason. He is serviceable and showed his strong arm on a few plays. There were many throws he wanted to take back. I don’t completely blame him on the deep pass that was picked off. I believe it was a play where Slayton needed to do a better job of making sure it fell incomplete. Wide receivers are always taught to become the defender in those situations.

Then there were a few that were clearly missed opportunities. Engram not being able to track the ball, spun around to the wrong shoulder…then back again. He only needed to continue on the route and it was touchdown…walking in. Zero football IQ.

Glennon’s throw was slightly off the mark BUT in a game with your backup QB, you need Engram to make the play. There were a few other misses that quite frankly Daniel Jones connects on…but it’s hard to put the loss on Glennon. The pass protection actually did a decent job and I wonder what Jones could do if consistently given that kind of pocket. The unfortunate reality is that the Giants are pathetic on offense no matter who plays quarterback. The receivers do not get open. And there are not enough deep ball routes called.

What’s next?

It looks like Glennon might start the rest of the season if he passes protocol. This is another disastrous season for the New York Giants. They are one of the worst pro sports franchises in the last decade, with 1 winning season since 2012. One of the goals of this year was to see DJ take that next step. It hasn’t happened.

Blame injuries, a fired coordinator/poor coaching, spotty protection, or even blame the universe. None of that matters. The fact is that we are heading into another off-season unsure about the QB position, questioning our coaching, and dying to get a new GM/Front Office.

It’s a mess.