Let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter what DJ does…he’s never going to be good enough for some of you.

This is crazy and frankly…a waste of energy.

Daniel Jones is trying to put his team in a position to win each and every week and like ALL quarterbacks in the league, he makes mistakes. Against the Chiefs on MNF, Jones started off shaky with an interception that led to a 1st quarter Chiefs touchdown. Mind you…the Giants got the ball after Mahomes huge blunder down at the goal line. But no one wants to discuss his alarming turns overs.

After the Jones INT…he settled down and had a very nice game. The easiest TD throw of the year was to Kyle Rudolph as he walked in, turned around & received a Jones pass. The only thing I kept asking was…why did it take 8 weeks to do that?

Good teams would have blown the penality-riddled Chiefs out of the water; however, the Giants are not a good team. Judge and Garrett’s game plan consistently calls for a mediocre attack that might score between 17-24 points. The Offensive Coordinator just isn’t skilled enough to keep a defense off balance.

FACT: Jason Garrett gives Daniel Jones no real edge from a strategy standpoint. Two unique plays a game isn’t enough to create confusion. Creativity wins in this league.

Game Manager

Some of you just see Jones as a game manager?

Let’s define a game manager. A “Game Manager” is a quarterback who does not bring enough ability to the table to win games by himself. Therefore, the coaching staff creates a game plan that will deter the QB from doing anything risky or dynamic with the football.

This “Game Manger” will hand the ball off 70% of the time, and only throw safe check-downs and out patterns the other 30% of the game. Pushing the ball downfield or vertical is not part of the “Game Managers” skill set. The Game Manager will depend on the defense to win the game.

Does this sound like Daniel Jones?

Of course not. Jones throws a great deep ball, runs the read-option, and takes plenty of chances when throwing the football into traffic. He also brings “speed” to the table. Game Managers do not rank in the top 4 for rushing by a QB.


What if I told you that Tannehill, Mahomes, Herbert, Ben, Burrow, and Justin Fields all have more interceptions than DJ?

What if I told you that JONES, Lamar, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Tannehill, Dak Prescot, Herbert, Cousins, Bridgwater are all within 100 passing yards of each other this season.

What If I told you Jones is on pace to throw 4150 yards. The only QB’s that are playing lights out right now are Brady, Murray, Stafford, Prescot, and Rodgers. Justin Herbert & Derreck Carr make a case that they deserve a cupcake.

Lack of Touchdowns

The main reason this team stinks is they can not score. “Lack of Touchdowns“. The main difference between Jones and an elite QB is always Touchdowns. At no point during any game are the New York Giants a threat to score. Why? It’s not because the QB isn’t capable! Just look at the garbage play calling that happens at the goal line.

  1. Up the middle – behind the NFL’s worst line.
  2. Back shoulder fad – Thrown to anyone but the 2 guys that excel at 50/50: Kenny G & Rudolph
  3. Bootleg – QB concussed

Even when all is lost, the Giants remain conservative and steadfast. It sucks and it’s boring…that is not Daniel Jones’ fault. This team is paying Kyle Rudolph, this management drafted Kadarius Toney, this outdated GM signed Jon Ross…so freaking use them. The 3rd down play calling and lack of execution…is not on Daniel Jones.


Most of the fan base loved the Kenny Golladay signing. Regardless of what time is left in the season, it looks like an expensive mistake. I would love to move on if feasible.

29 Targets | 17 receptions | 282 yards | 0 TD’s

When you can’t run the ball, the defense knows you’re limited. When the defense knows you don’t throw to the Tight End, the coverage is looser. The Giants never have receivers streaking wide open. If they did, Jones would hit them right in the numbers. Garrett does nothing to confuse the defense, there is limited play action and pre-snap movement. Garrett never clears out a zone, to drop the ball in the backside, everything is bunch and stick routes like this was 1998.

Who’s The Problem:

Jones isn’t the problem. Depending on Lemiuex, Hernandez, Solder, and Price is the problem.

Jones isn’t the problem. Depending on Slayton, Johnson, Pettis, and Kenny G is the problem.

Jones isn’t the problem. Not drafting O-lineman & drafting a backup RB, CB & LB is the problem.