By Michael J Basile, @mdoublejb

Back with Java with Jones 2020 version. Your day after look at the Giants QB, Daniel Jones.

The Giants offense had a tough task heading into week 1 of the 2020 season.  The coronavirus pandemic, learning a new system, and facing one of the NFLs top defensive fronts in the Pittsburg Steelers were going to be a tall order for Daniel Jones.  New offensive coordinator Jason Garrett did his best to overcome trotting our an inexperienced, young offensive line, but It didn’t matter.  Bud Dupree, TJ Watt, and the rest of the Steelers defense dominated the line of scrimmage.  Under these circumstances though, there were some positives when diving into the performance of Jones.

  • The stat line:
  •  79.2 rating
  •  26 completions on 41 att. (63%) for 279 yards (6.8 yards/attempt)
  •  2 TDs, 2 INTs, sacked 3 times
  •  2 rushing yards on 4 carries

Breaking Down Dimes:

With ZERO running game or offensive line help (Barkley 15 att. for 6 yards), Jones stood in the pocket and showed the toughness we grew accustomed to in his rookie season; Specifically on the first drive of the game against 3rd and long: Jones took a hit because he waited JUST long enough to deliver a strike into the zone that Sterling Shepard sat in over the middle.

Jones to Slayton . . . Hear that one before? This connection has 6 completions on 8 targets for 102 yards and 2 TD’s on the night; The DIME was the 41-yard strike in the 2nd quarter; A perfect throw right over the defender and into the hands of Slayton for the score.

The two would connect again in the 3rd quarter, a 3rd and long from their own endzone, and then again, later on, that same drive; In both cases, Jones showed incredible pocket awareness and poise in extremely important moments

4th and 1 throwback pass to Barkley; Again, DJ extended the NYG 19 play drive and didn’t panic as he was rolling right with what looked like nowhere to go


2 interceptions, and yes the first one was an amazing play by TJ Watt; BUT the second one was on the aforementioned 19 play drive and was an absolute killer.  The Giants had just 3 points on their first redzone trip, and nothing to show for their longest drive of the game; He simply needs to take the sack there if he can’t throw the ball away.

3rd and 6 at the beginning of the 4th quarter, he completely missed the corner blitz (Also on Barkley) and the drive ended; He needs to see that one coming and go to his hot read.

Overall, the line was completely overmatched, the 2nd interception is 100% on DJ and killed the team, But with a young line, he really showed poise and made a lot of plays that you feel good about him building upon.  This might be the best pass rush he sees all year.