By Michael J Basile @MdoublejB

If only Daniel Jones and the GMen played Washington more than twice this season . . . Big Blue completed their season sweep of the Washington Football Team. Daniel Jones played well against the only team he’s beaten multiple times.  Thanks to two wins by a combined 4 points, the Giants are 2-7 heading into next week against the division-leading Philadelphia Eagles. 

The Digits:

Zero turnovers!  We have to start here, as the Giants won the turnover battle by a 5-0 margin.  He fumbled once but recovered, and on a sack from behind late in the game, he held onto the ball. This was surprising since it seemed like a strip-sack for a touchdown was coming when the play developed.

Passing: 23 completions on 34 attempts for 212 yards and a touchdown. He only ran for 4 yards on 6 carries.

Danny’s Dimes:

The touchdown to Engram was a dime seem route and I expect Garrett to run more of those types of routes. The timing was perfect and Engram actually caught the ball. Early on Jones hit rookie Austin Mack for a 50 yarder, and it got the offense going. This could be a good sign to come for the young receiver and his QB. I picked DJ apart last week for missing on a few down the field throws so to hit this one early on was huge.

Danny’s Crimes:

After a strong first half, putting 20 points on the board, the offense stalled in the 2nd half. Their first three drives were FG-punt-punt and this allowed Washington back into the game. I’d like to see Jones command the offense and put the squad on his back by creating more separation between the opponent so it doesn’t have to come down to the wire.

Final thoughts:

Take the W and run, DJ did what he had to – on to Philly