By Michael J Basile, @MdoublejB

If there were any positives for the NY Football Giants despite their 0-2 record, that all went out the window as they fell to 0-3 against the San Francisco 49ers backup squad.  

The 49ers embarrassed the Gmen 36-9 without key offensive starters Jimmy Garappolo (QB) and Raheem Mostert (RB); They also went without defensive ends Nick Bosa, the 2019 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, and Solomon Thomas.  They were completely outplayed and outcoached to the tune of 420 total yards to 231.  

The Jones breakdown: 

Jones looked like he didn’t belong.  No point to include a “Danny’s Dimes” section because the best thing about the Giants offense was DJs runs.  He had 5 carries for 49 yards which were mostly designed (RPO) where he showed his athleticism.  Throwing the ball was ugly.  He had a bad pick, a fumble AGAIN, and was 17-32 for 179 yards – a rating of 56.6.  

He holds the ball to long. Numerous slants were behind the receiver and it’s obvious the team misses Shepard to move the chains.

Jones looked shaky at best as if the defense was something he had never seen before.  I understand that the line is still bad, the coaching was completely outclassed, and he has no weapons; but if this continues, Giant fans will be calling for Trevor Lawrence loudly.