Java with Jones: Week 14

What transpired against the Arizona Cardinals at MetLife stadium quickly removed any of the positive feelings Giants fans had.  After their big win against Seattle, Daniel Jones looked like he would’ve been better served sitting out this week. 

The Giants 4 game winning streak came to a screeching halt and they sit at 5-8.  In order to compete they must find something on offense before hosting the Cleveland Browns next Sunday night. 

by Michael Basile @Jdouble JB


Jones completed 11 of 21 passes for 124 yards
1 fumble lost but easily could’ve had 1-2 more; The progress DJ made protecting the ball completely disappeared and he looked rusty after missing last week

Danny’s DIMES:

His best throws:
1) The 39 yarder one Golden Tate on the touchdown drive was a beautiful pass.  DJ put his guy in a spot to shield himself from the defender and make the play.
2) On 3rd and 15 backed up to their own endzone, Jones put it right in on Sterling Shepard between 2 defenders.

Outside of that, not many Dimes.

Danny’s CRIMES:

On the first drive, Jones fumbled and set the tone for the abysmal day.  It is hard to tell if it was a protection issue or not but Jones looked lost in the pocket all afternoon. Marcus Golden hit DJ and took the ball away after the Gmen had put together a solid opening drive to that point. – DJ forced a contested pass to Engram on a 3rd down rather than hitting Dion Lewis for a wide open catch and run in the left flat.

 He never looked comfortable and maybe jr was because of the hamstring.  His pocket awareness was brutal and all I can say is: If this is the version of Jones we are getting, let him rest and give me Colt McCoy.  McCoy is more than capable of giving us this type of quarterback play.

This was a pathetic offensive performance. The Giants have the worst skill position players in the NFL, so they need to get DJ help.  The big blue wide outs never get open, and when Jones gives them opportunities they drop too many passes.  Tate and Darius Slayton each had balls hit their hands that they dropped in this one.  It’s clear and obvious how desperate this team is for wide outs. 

They need to get weapons for Jones but as a number one pick and franchise QB, he needs to eliminate the mistakes.  They should consider Colt McCoy if DJs hamstring is compromised at all.  When he tweaked it late in the game it was hard to watch him back there.  The Giants have to be a lot better on the offensive side of the ball if they want to avoid wasting solid defensive performances week after week. 

As I mentioned next up is the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night – let’s see how this week unfolds.

by Michael J. Basile @Jdouble JB