It’s been a relatively textbook season for the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants thus far:  Tough schedule, solid start, inevitable November swoon and of course…the “Nobody Believes in Us” big victory back to wining ways.

By my count, there have been 3x during the 2012 season so far where the champs have been touted as the NFC best, and 3x in which they have been called overrated underachievers.  But let’s look at the other “elite” NFC teams.  Do any of them truly come up bigger than the New York Giants?

Green Bay Packers (7-4): See Sundays game film.  Injuries or no injuries the Pack was man handled.

Atlanta Falcons (10-1): Worst 10-1 team ever? Quite possibly as this team has pulled victories out of their magician’s hat for the past two months. Until these guys get past the first round of the playoffs, they are a fraud.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5):  The best 6-5 team? Maybe. These guys scare me.

San Francisco 49ers (8-2): After a strong start, the Niners haven’t looked the same since the Giants bullied them into the ground at home. By the way, have you seen this insane soundbite of a totally confused coach?  Pathetic. Make a stand, and make it like a man.

Seattle Seahawks (6-5): You do NOT want to play these guys in THEIR house (5-0!).  But nothing says that Pete Carroll’s boys are battle tested or ready for the big time stage of the NFC playoffs.

Andy Pritikin – Featured Columnist

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