By: Marco Imperati

Before we jump into the 2015 NFL Draft, I’m not afraid to admit that I was one of the many who was slightly disappointed when the Giants drafted Odell Beckham Jr. last year with the #12 overall pick.

A year after drafting Justin Pugh, I wanted to continue to stabalize the offensive line. I also thought that picking so high, an important key was getting the pick right. Safety was key in this case. Someone who could come in and contribute but not totally fall apart. The last thing Jerry Reese and the team needed was another draft pick, that for whatever reason, didn’t work out. I thought the best bet was to draft Zack Martin. Safe, solid, could line up and play every position on the line. Sounded to me like a David Diehl in the making. Or even a duplicate of Pugh.

When the Giants passed on Martin and inevitably drafted OBJ, it wasn’t much about the guard they decided to pass on that early in the draft. I started to think about the pick that went right before the Giants drafted.

At pick #11, The Tennessee Titans drafted tackle, Taylor Lewan. This pick became interesting to me after hearing Jerry Reese on WFAN with Mike Francesa. After OBJ’s breakout season and Zack Martin’s all pro year at guard, Reese was asked about his feelings towards drafting an offensive lineman that high in the draft. His reply was, “anytime there is a dynamic playmaker and a guard, I am taking the playmaker.”

This is a non story as it relates to playmaker and a guard. The Giants have done well over the years drafting guards in the later rounds of the draft. However, what would have happened if Lewan was on the board while OBJ was available? Does Reese feel the same regarding playmaker and Left Tackle as he does playmaker and guard?

This is a thought process Giants fans should keep in the back of their minds as the #9 pick approaches. Fans want to improve the offensive line and the mock drafts have pegged Iowa’s Brandon Scherff, who compares to Zack Martin, to the Giants. Scherff, like Martin, is a versatile offensive lineman but most experts think he is likely to stay at guard.

Thankfully, the Giants did pass on the guard last year and ended up with a once in a lifetime playmaker. If Scherff is on the board at #9, will the Giants once again pass on the guard? We will all find out in less than a month.