One thing we can all agree on with Big Blue is that they are GREAT when their backs are against the wall.

Give them a couple of bad losses, a hostile road crowd, white uniforms, and 500 channels of sports radio talking heads picking them to lose…that’s the Football Giants recipe for victory!

Proof: Last week. A bad loss against the Cowboys, and one half of terrible play against the Bucs primed the GMEN for a beat down vs. the Panthers.  Carolina played well the week before, and the Giants had four important starters out which started the landslide of doubt.  Everyone thought  they would  lose…and what did they do?

Give fans one of the most lopsided victories in recent memory, with a second string defensive backfield, Ramses Barden doing a Hakeem Nicks impersonation and a running back…who the heck is that guy No. 35? Andre Brown? Definitely a keeper!

This week: The Giants think they are world beaters again, Eli Manning is being told that he is in his prime as an elite quarterback, all of a sudden they have a new star running back and wideout, and 10 days of rest thrown in.

Meanwhile, the Eagles got humiliated by the Cardinals after getting two unbelievably lucky wins.   Andy Reid‘s job is once again in jeopardy, and Philly fans are suggesting that an untested rookie replace the dynamic Michael Vick and his ridiculous 13 turnovers.

If the Giants can pull out a victory in Philadelphia this Sunday night, it will be a HUGE testament to this team. But the cards are stacked against them as far as history goes, and as far as their fatal human flaw of being overconfident after victories.

Personally, I’m having nightmares of Eli interceptions and Michael Vick running around like when my son plays him in Madden XBox…

– written by Andy Pritikin – featured columnist

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