Can the Giants win the NFC East?  

OF COURSE!  But don’t let last Sunday’s lopsided victory against the Niners get to your head.  ANY team in the NFC East is capable of stringing together the wins necessary to claim the division title.

Dallas Cowboys: 

Lest we forget, it was only a month ago that the Cowboys humiliated the Giants on national TV.  Make all the lame excuses you want- “They caught us sleeping”, “They had nothing to lose”, “The Giants secondary was decimated”.  All excuses.   The Giants stunk up the joint, and when Tony Romo gets on a roll, he’s damn good.  And remember, that was Jason Witten’s first day off crutches!

Washington Redskins:

Lest we forget, it was this team WITHOUT RG3 that beat the Giants TWICE last year…I sure didn’t forget.   I sat through one of those debacles!  The ‘Skins are not scared of the Giants and the guy playing quarterback is a FREAK of nature, who will be dippin’ and duckin’ around the Big Blue pass rush like Little Red Riding Hood this Sunday. 

Philadelphia Eagles:

Oh, it’s fun making fun of the cheesesteaks of late.  Andy Reid’s “Let’s promote the offensive line coach to be defensive coordinator, and fire him mid-season to save my job!” is the talk of the town.   But LEST WE FORGET… This Eagles team has DOMINATED the Giants for the past few years!  8 of the last 9 games is not coincidence…it’s dominance, folks. T his team does NOT suck.

New York Giants:

They play the toughest schedule in the league, and we all know that every other team gears up with adrenaline to try to prove that they can beat the defending world champs, however this is a tested team, and the Giants know how to win.

So regardless of what RG3 does this weekend, the Giants will be in the mix come January, and we will ENJOY the pressure of having their backs are against the wall.  It’s how they are wired at this point, more than any other team in the NFL.  Nobody wants any part of Big Blue come playoff time!!!

RG3 is FAST!
The Redskins defeated the Giants twice last season WITHOUT RG3!