I was out at our office holiday party today when the subject of football came up. After a few laughs on behalf of the Eagles and Jets, one of the guys at the table said something that I’ve heard WAY TOO OFTEN this week:

“This is what the Giants always do- They’re going to run the table now and go to the Super Bowl, right?”

Now I know that we humans are just creatures of habit, and Giants fans have been trained to think this way, but can you remember the years in between 2007 and 2011? What about the Tiki Barber years before that?  All good teams- arguably as good as the ’07 and ’11 teams- but victims of getting shot in the foot (or the leg…) by terrible late-season losses, very similar to what we saw on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

Some people compare that game to last year’s late season smackdown by the Redskins– when Eli missed a wide open Hakeem Nicks for a touchdown on the first drive, and it all went downhill from there- with Rex Grossman at the helm!

But I beg to differ. What fans saw on Sunday was an accumulation of all the bad stuff we’ve seen all season (minus the games vs. San Francisco, Green Bay and New Orleans.)  Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy!

Erratic running game, erratic decision making by Eli, no pass rush, and an erratic (and depleted) secondary.  Not the recipe for a Super Bowl drive, I’m sorry.  The Giants were man-handled by an Atlanta team that everyone thought was SOFT!

So don’t be fooled by history…Superbowl runs leave an indelible impression on your brain, and we forget the forgettable and ugly years.   I’m not giving up hope yet (like I did after that Redskins game last year), but I’ve got to tell you that it doesn’t sit well that I’m pulling for the freakin’ EAGLES this weekend!!!

Andy Pritikin, Giants Rush Featured Columnist


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