Since 1928, The New York Football Giants have a 24-31-2 record against the Green Bay Packers. But while the Giants have beaten the Packers in the past two post season appearances (2007 & 2012 NFC Championship Games), the Pack has soundly beaten the G-men in the two regular season  (2010, 2011) matchups in between.

Looking closely at the stats, it is very clear why the winners won and the losers lost- and it should be no surprise: DEFENSE and TURN-OVERS.

Passing yards, Sacks, Penalties, completions all virtually the same across the past four games for both teams.  But for the Packers in their losses, they have 13 less first downs, 50 less rushing yards, 330 less total yards and 3 less turnovers.

In the Giants losses – 5 more turnovers.

So your instincts are correct, and what Coughlin preaches is right on target.  The Giants Defense needs to show up the way they did against San Fran, and not the way they did the past two weekspressuring the QB on 3rd down, and Eli needs to go back to the October Eli, and not be throwing gifts into the Packers secondary.  The Giants also need to resurrect their running game to once again balance their offensive attack.

Hold on a second…nobody is believing in the Giants?  The Packers have won 5 in a row… We’re no dummies.  This sounds like a good time for a Big Blue VICTORY on national TV~!

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