The New York Giants are being embarrassed by the Atlanta Falcons at half time.  17-0

Put aside the fact that Eli Manning is once again…off.

Gilbride still doesn’t get it:

Does anyone doubt that Gilbride is clueless?

Running Back David Wilson who was the NFL Offensive Player of week has been basically removed from the game in favor of journeyman Kregg Lumpkin.  The entire stadium realizes that Lumpkin is primed for the draw or an inside hand off in hopes he can pound his way up the middle.

On 3rd down right before half time, when the Giants desperately need to get on the board and create some momentum…Gilbride calls an outside run with Wilson on the bench.

Martellus Bennett:

Where is out tight end?   If the Falcons DB’s are so strong why do we not move to a tight passing game.  How does Gilbride just forget everything that worked 7 days ago?

Return Game:

Why is Wilson now taking a knee?   The stud returner had 227 return yards last week, today I don’t see No. 22 anywhere being used properly.

Blame the coaches.




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