Power rankings should always be taken with a grain of salt. Over a month to go until the 2014 season kicks off, the below rankings are solely based on what each NFC team is projected to do based on offseason and early training camp rumblings.

Two more quick notes to keep in mind when reading my rankings. These rankings are absolutely subject to change, and the NFC is loaded with talented teams.

1. Seattle Seahawks The champs get back a healthy Percy Harvin and have all the makings of a repeat run.
2. Green Bay Packers -The packers have the best quarterback in the game and are solid up and down their roster.
3. San Francisco 49ers Probably the most talented team in the league. The 49ers will aim to get to their 4th straight NFC championship game.
4. Chicago Bears -The question for the Bears is can the defense match up with the big play offense. We will see.
5. Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly in year 2 will look to get off to a fast start. Doesn’t hurt to have Darren Sproles lining up all over the offense with Lesean McCoy.
6. New Orleans Saints –High octane offense that are tough to beat at home get another weapon in rookie WR Brandin Cooks. The question remains if this team could do it on the road.
7. Detroit Lions -Will this be the year the Lions finally put it together? New coach Jim Caldwell has his share of toys with great tight ends, weapons at running back and the best Wide Receiver in the game.
8. New York Giants– After a turnover and injury filled season, Eli Manning will lead a new offense. With many new faces, if this team could put it together quickly, they could surprise.
9. St. Louis Rams – Possibly the best defense in the league. The Rams will look to surprise in an NFC West full of beasts.
10. Atlanta FalconsThe Falcons look to bounce back off a 4 win season. Future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez has retired, leaving the offense in the hands of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White.
11. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys could not be more different across phases of their team. Could be a top 5 offense and a bottom of the league defense.
12. Arizona Cardinals – The only team to go into Seattle and beat the the Seahawks last year were the Cardinals. They’ll go into the season without middle linebacker Daryl Washington, however they will look to ride Bruce Arians big play offense.
13. Minnesota Vikings – A team with tons of talent still has a big question mark at Quarterback. A team in a division with Rodgers, Cutler and Stafford can’t be questionable at the league’s most important position.
14. Washington Redskins– RG3. Where he goes is where the Redskins will go this year.
15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – A team with talent on all three levels of defense and mountain receivers will try to be more consistent this year. Could be a 8 win team if they were in the AFC.
16. Carolina Panthers – After a great year, the Panthers released their most popular player in WR Steve Smith. QB Cam Newton has minimal options now at wide out and hope rookie Kelvin Benjamin could catch on quickly.