Fantasy Football Update: Giants and Falcons backs are on the radar

by Adam Nardelli | NFL Fantasy Contributor

Reuben Randle let everyone down last week, especially after I recommended starting the Giants wide receiver last week, particularly in a PPR league.

As Louis Riddick of ESPN mentioned on Sports Center the day after the debacle at Jerry world (AT&T Stadium) Rueben Randle looked sluggish and just like another guy.  Whether that’s due to the knee tendonitis that flared up during preseason or not, Randle looked like very pedestrian.  A guy barely worthy of being on the bench of most fantasy football teams.

With that being said, we’ve all dwelled enough on what happened last Sunday night, now it’s time to focus on the new Fantasy “match ups” that look good for this Sunday.

If you watched the Monday night game between the Falcons and the Eagles you’d know that Julio Jones looked like he was in mid-season form and connecting on all cylinders with Matt Ryan.

While Amukamara and DRC are two of the better corners in the league, Julio Jones is one of the best play-making receivers on any roster and could go to the house at any time. He torched the Eagles prized free-agent pick-up in Byron Maxwell and is a bad matchup for just about any secondary in the NFL.

One of the weaker spots on the Falcons offense was thought to be the run game, but rookie Tevin Coleman had an impressive debut and looks to have the majority of carries on lock down.  If the run game is more of the same on Sunday, the Falcons will by no means be a one-dimensional offense.  Coleman can be a nice pick up, especially against a defensive line that is trying to find its identity.

Although the Falcons offensive line is not of the level of Dallas, no one on the Giants defensive line emerged as a dependable pass rusher on Sunday.  Matt Ryan is a quarterback you have to put pressure on to disrupt, and I’m not sure the Giants have the guy to do that.

The match-up for the Giants defense is clearly not in their favor and starting them or any defensive players in an IDP (individual defensive player league) would be a poor decision.

Yes, they were able to generate turnovers, which is encouraging for a defense that lacks talent and stardom in most positions.  However, it’d be asinine to depend on the Giants defense coming up with two more interceptions and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. 

Let’s be real here.

On the other side of the ball, no one on the Giants exactly lit it up on Sunday night.  Shane Vereen’s 46 receiving yards and Rashad Jennings’ 52 rushing yards led the way in their respective categories, both being fairly pedestrian numbers.  Even the unthinkable happened.  Odell Beckham Jr. struggled to put up big numbers after getting hit very hard over the middle and only totaled 5 catches for 44 yards.

Still, it’s way too early to think Beckham’s struggles will continue with his supreme level of talent.  I don’t think I have to tell you that…he’s a must start if you have him.

With the Giants offensive struggles this past Sunday it’s hard to feel encouraged about starting anyone on their offense for your team this week, but as I mentioned the match-up for the Giants defense is tough.  The Falcons ability to score points shouldn’t be at a premium with Julio Jones and Roddy White on the outside.  Jones’ will more than likely have a safety roll over the top of him for at least some of Sunday, giving Roddy White his share of one on one match-ups throughout the day.

Of the offensive weapons last week that showed some promise, Shane Vereen averaged 4.7 yards per carry, but was only given three carries for the whole game.  Vereen’s numbers indicate he can give some rhythm to the Giants run game.

Vereen should also get some nice targets as a receiver out of the backfield especially if Beckham is mostly double covered.  He’s someone you should strongly look at as a possibility for your flex position (WR/RB/TE) in particular if you’re in a PPR league.

Outside of him, no one else provides much excitement.  Yes, Larry Donnell is always a viable red-zone target, but he’s struggled mightily since last season and only managed to come up with 3 receptions for 21 yards against the Cowboys.  By no means am I recommending starting him and being responsible for Donnell being a dud for your squad this week. 

And yes…Rashad Jennings scored a touchdown in Dallas, but he didn’t look overly impressive during week 1 and with my assumption that Vereen will get more carries against Atlanta, Jennings’ opportunities will be shortened.

Good luck this week.