By: Marco Imperati

As the 2014 season continues to spiral downward, fans are faced with another early off-season of rumors, chatter and changes.

One area that has generated a lot of buzz has been the amount of injuries the Giants have racked up this year. This week, the Giants placed 5 more players on Injured Reserve bringing their total to 20 players that have been lost for the season, including rookie Bennett Jackson, who is on practice squad/injured list.

At least when fans look back, they could brag that the Giants did lead the league in one statistical category this year.

However, despite the injuries, ownership will take a hard look at the common thread that has led to a losing season. Most fans could honestly say that this season was a rebuilding year from the overhaul that took place last year and a new offense being installed.

One thing fans know for sure, a new season always brings changes. Most talk surrounding the Giants is directed towards Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese. My belief is the respect and commitment ownership has for them will make it very difficult to make wholesale changes.

Were we not just doing this? Predicting what type of wholesale changes the Giants would make. Last year it was who would be the new offensive coordinator? Former QB coach Mike Sullivan was the name that was talked about. Ben McAdoo, a young quarterbacks coach in Green Bay didn’t come on the radar until late in the process as he was being courted by other teams.

Last year it was Kevin Gilbride that was nudged towards retirement. This off-season, I would expect ownership to show their frustration by releasing Perry Fewell.

Fewell, the defensive leader of Superbowl 46 has not gone unnoticed. But the sting of the last there years forces more changes onto this Giants team.

Looking ahead into the not so pleasant future, what names might pop up as replacements for Fewell if in fact he is let go.

Peter Giunta   – Giunta is in his ninth season as Giants secondary coach/corner backs. He was also the defensive coordinator for the 1999 Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams.

Steve Spagnuolo-“Spags “is a name that will surely be brought up. I’d be shocked if John Mara isn’t asked about him in his closing remarks press conference. Spags is beloved by the organization and Tom Coughlin. He is now working as an assistant with the Baltimore Ravens after his tough stints as head coach for the Rams and coordinating the Saints through their lost “Bounty gate” season.

You can add a few “sleeper” names that have yet to emerge, but will soon after the playoffs. Ben McAdoo was spoken about very highly around NFL circles last season but was not someone who was rumored to be the next big time coordinator. I would expect the same hush hush if the Giants defensive coordinator job opens up.