Can Manning and Coughlin Win One More Super Bowl?

Can Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin Win One More Super Bowl Together?  The New York Giants have failed to make any playoff noise in the last few seasons. They haven’t been terrible, but they just haven’t been unable to have that consistency fans are looking for.

At the same time, people can only get so mad at Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. That is the pass get into any coach-player combination with multiple Super Bowl rings. Neither is getting any younger, so the question going into 2015 is whether or not they will be able to team together to win at least one more time.

The last two times New York made to postseason, they won the Super Bowl. They were not dominant in either regular season, but they were able to win big games when it mattered. No one in fantasy football money leagues 2015 will be looking at Manning as a top quarterback option, but he does seem to play better on the biggest stages. Getting there seems to be the hard part these days.

In the NFC East, people seem to be talking about Philadelphia and Dallas the most going into 2015. These two teams have plenty of young talent as well, so they aren’t going to fall off the map anytime soon. New York will have to compete with that, but the good news is that the team does have some young talent of their own to rely on.

Coughlin and Manning were very pleased with the production of Odell Beckham Jr. as a rookie last year. He was able to use his size and athleticism to be the most impressive rookie on offense in the NFL last year.

The crazy thing is, he did it without much help, as Victor Cruz was banged up almost the entire year. In fantasy football money leagues 2015, New York could have two of the best options in the game if they play off each other. That could really give them a boost as well as a better chance to get into the postseason.

With two Super Bowl victories already, many feel like Coughlin and Manning will be heading to Canton and enshrined in the Hall of Fame after they are done. That very well could be true, but three rings would put them in rare company. All it takes is a chance in the postseason, and 2015 could be their best chance in a while.