By: Marco Imperati

The Giants are coming out of an ugly nationally televised game vs. the Indianapolis Colts. The fans were waiving towels. Michael Strahan received his Hall of Fame ring at halftime. To add to the pregame excitement, close to 100 former players were in attendance. Tough pill to swallow in front of that kind of audience but the Giants managed to find a way yet again.

Turnovers, mistakes, dropped passes and missed opportunities (or challenges) continue to beat this team down. Now they will travel to the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. This is about as must win as it gets and to add, against an NFC team that is battling for a playoff spot.

Here’s what’s crushing or rushing for the New York Giants.

Crush- The lack of running game. Rashad Jennings has proven to be a huge loss. I still think Andre Williams will be a good player for this team for years to come, but he’s just not ready to start in the role he’s playing in. Williams is at his best when he’s playing off another back, rumbling down the field and keeping the defense on their heals.

Rush– Although I’m not a huge fan of players speaking out, it was refreshing and motivating to hear from Antrel Rolle this week. For a guy who was not drafted by this organization, he is all Giant. He loves this team and you could tell the pain it brings him not only in losses, but when the players around him don’t bring the same passion as he does this week in and week out.

Wish there were more No. 26’s on this team.

Crush– The inconsistency on this team. It’s so difficult to point the finger at one area. Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin have been the usual victims of criticism. However, it’s a group effort. To win in this league on a consistent basis, luck also has to be on your side. Take a look at the injuries the Giants have racked up. Pretty hard to win when you’re losing starters at the rate the Giants are.

Rush– Odell Beckham Jr. What a playmaker this guy is. Before the draft, analysts were saying he ran routes and caught the ball like Reggie Wayne. I see a young Antonio Brown. The Giants would be smart to line him up anywhere and everywhere this Sunday vs the Seahawks.

Crush– Reuben Randle. When is the last time you found yourself watching a Giants game and saw Randle single handily dominate? He could be a really nice part to a receiving core, but does not show the ability, tenacity and mental edge it takes to be a number one receiver in the NFL.

Rush– In the next three weeks, the Giants will face the Seahawks, the 49ers, and the Cowboys. Those three games will paint the picture of what type of December it will be around Metlife Stadium. Any talk of a miracle playoff run will be decided in the next three weeks.

In addition, there was so much talk about the amount of turnover this past off-season to the roster. Well, if the team falls apart again, there could be even more turnover. Players need to realize that this is a job and they’re playing for it every week. I hope for there sake, the fans that absolutely love this team, and Tom Coughlin’s coaching future, they realize it before too late.