By Michael J. Basile, @MdoubleJB

When you look around the NFL, most successful franchises that have any kind of sustained success have the Head Coach-QB tandem in place.  Now that the New York Football Giants have hired 38-year-old Joe Judge as Head Coach, he teams up with 2nd year QB Daniel Jones. 

Many are now anxious to see if this is headed toward another rebuild within a few years, or if these two men can bring John Mara’s organization back to being yearly contenders. 

RISK POINTS: working against them

Any team with the amount of coaching/roster turnover as Big Blue is at a bit of a disadvantage. Due to lack of continuity and the 2020 pandemic, the start of this season will be difficult

 Joe Judge is young and has never been a head coach before; Whenever you step into those shoes, things are thrown at you from every angle and lack of experience comes into play. How he responds to adversity and adapts will be key.

Danny Dimes has a new-look offensive line that NEEDS to come together quickly for him. If first-round rookie Tackle from Georgia Andrew Thomas struggles early, or if any of the other 4 offensive linemen play poorly, it could significantly hinder the development of Jones.

Pressure to win now trumping development of young talent. This is something to watch.  Joe Judge and Jones are of course safe, but will GM Dave Gettleman and the organization pressure Judge to give higher salaried veterans more time rather than giving younger players opportunities to develop?  You would hope not, but in today’s NFL this is always an interesting dynamic; If the season does go south then there will be immense pressure to replace Dave Gettleman, but realistically that would be bad for both Jude and Daniel Jones moving into 2021

JUDGE AND JONES: Pair for the next decade

 If I were going to start coaching football and had my choice of who to work for, I’d spend my career shadowing Nick Saban and Bill Belichick.  That’s exactly what Joe Judge did, and he has the demeanor to perform well in NY.

 Rest of the staff: Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator was the most underrated coaching hire this offseason; He’s going to unleash Daniel Jones in year 2 and Saquon Barkley will solidify his spot (To those who don’t already have him there) as the league’s best back; Also on offense, Marc Columbo will bring an attitude back to the offensive line, and Freddie Kitchens provides another former HC (Along with Garret) to stabilize the offense; On defense look for Patrick Graham to be aggressive

 MISTAKES is something that hurt Jones in his rookie year and those that think he’s no good point to the fumbles; Mistakes also plagued all 3 phases through the Pat Shurmur era.  Joe Judge is going to make sure this team does not beat itself: Look for sound special teams and a disciplined football team; This will keep them competitive in games where on paper, they have the inferior roster

 Jones, a star in the making?  Eli Manning received his share of criticism, as will Jones.  The thing they have in common is that they never get too high, never get down on themselves, and have perfect personalities for NY.  And you know what else?  Daniel Jones has a TON of talent.  Watch him avoid the rush with his athletic ability and put the ball on the money while taking a hit.  Social networks are already flooded with his photos in action, and although the incredible number of likes seems to have been provided to him by a company like The Marketing Heaven, he actually gets them from his huge, newly acquired fan base.  He’s going to make a lot of critics look silly this season when he balls out and proves to be a top 10 QB in year 2.

I like the odds that the Giants are going to be winning a lot of games for the next decade, with Joe Judge and Daniel Jones leading the way.