The “New” Giants are Coming: Get on Board Now

The armchair quarterback are out in full force and most of the fans are having a good time when thinking who the New York Giants should draft and why.

One thing is certain.  The Giants are changing their stripes.  This is not the same old Tom Coughlin team and I like it.   The fans base hopes Ben McAdoo works out and no one will be able to say he did not institute change.

The coaches are new.  The weight room is new.   The free agency spending is new.  The strength and conditioning program is new, even some talk about new “color rush” uniforms.  There is a lot to be excited about.

What does not have the fan base excited is the lack of respect.  The Cowboys are a 5.5 point spread favorite for opening day.  Will that spread drop…yes, it will.  This website and it’s writers all have a healthy respect for Tony Romo.  At times, we wish Eli had a little Tony Romo in him.

HOWEVER, let’s be honest here.  At the end of the day, you have to be on the field to play, to play well and to be considered a great quarterback.   Romo is real good and Vegas can put whatever line they need out there, but remember this: The biggest NFL market and their New York Giants thrive on being the underdog.

Romo: See the trend?

2006 – 6 games missed

2008 – 3 games missed

2010 – 10 games missed

2013 – 1 game missed

2014 – 1 game missed

2015 -12 games missed

For any reason the Cowboys draft a quarterback, the franchise is telling you that the “writing’s on the wall” for Romo and his Cowboy future.   I’ll take Eli, Beckham and an offensive line that is not far behind that star-studded Cowboys line.   And those Cowboy fans better put in some extra prayers that Victor Cruz never takes the field again, because if No. 80 takes the field in September in Dallas, you can bet he’s coming with a chip on his shoulder with something to prove.

In 2015 on FIVE quarterbacks with at least 450 passing attempts were sacked less than Eli Manning. They are Palmer, Cousins, Winston, Fitzpatrick and Roethlisberger.   The new Giants are building get on the wagon now.