Pilgrim’s Point: When will the Giants punch back?


Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Giants had every opportunity to win this game and then let it slip away in the fourth quarter. The Giants lost their fifth consecutive game on Monday night and their sixth straight to the Cowboys. 

Endzone Blues:

It was a best-case scenario for how the game started. Giants elected to kick. Dallas threw an interception on their first play from scrimmage and the Giants had the ball inside the 10-yard line.  Good teams punch the ball in and go up 7-0 early.  The Giants settled for a field goal, which would be the theme of the night.

The Giants had five red zone opportunities and only converted one of them for a touchdown. You are not going to win games that way.  We came back to score a touchdown on our next possession and then missed the extra point. 

Our quarterback is failing to make progress with ball security. Hard to tell if this is something he has to overcome on his own or can be coached on.  Either way, the current strategy is not working. He was sacked five times in this game, resulting in 39 yards going in the wrong direction. Those plays led to two fumbles including one that was returned for a touchdown. 

When you combine the lack of converting offensive opportunities with the constant turnovers, it is nearly impossible to win in the national football league.


Our playcalling is still mind-boggling. We saw what can happen when Saquon Barkley gets into space. How are we not staying up all night finding more ways to do this? He’s an otherworldly talent that we need to create more opportunities for.

Still, I was able to draw a few positives from this game.  Our coach throwing the red flag is not included in this section.

Golden Tate continues to shine. He made an incredible one-handed grab that got us inside the 2-yard line. Will Hernandez has been promoted to my favorite New York Giant. This guy is tough, gritty and protective of his young quarterback. He has the attitude and ferocity that you absolutely want in your offensive line. He consistently steps in to protect Jones and he never steps back from any challenge. The rest of our line could learn some things from him.

The point:

My point is simply this: Keep your sight on the horizon.

We will be a better football team sooner than later. It has been brutal in recent years, it’s true. We now have the young pieces in place to get this thing going in the right direction. 2019 will be remembered as the season that we took our licks. Next year and beyond it is our turn to start punching back.

The Jets are up next. If we can’t win that one, we’ll have a top 5 draft pick.