Film Room: Adoree Jackson is For Real

By Spiro Kasabian @nyspawstguy_spi

The Film Room is back!

Be happy people…Adoree Jackson is for Real!

The New York Giants had a hole at Cornerback opposite of James Bradberry. Many Giant fans, including myself, were under the impression that the NFL Draft was going to be the only way the Giants could solve this issue due to cap constraints. We were wrong. Dave Gettleman and Kevin Abrams worked their magic and were somehow able to land twenty-five-year-old Adoree Jackson, formerly of the Tennessee Titans.

Man Defense:

This was a much-welcomed surprise to the Giant Front Office and fans alike. The three-year deal will allow him to become part of the core, while spreading out the money he is owed. When looking at his past year’s film, there were a few things to like, despite missing all but three games during the season due to a knee injury (which clearly hampered the Titan defense). It was the worst year of his career, and I believe some of that had to do with his injury and rust.

Versatile: Every Down Player

1) He has the ability to line up in the slot or outside and can do so within the same possession. Patrick Graham will love Jackson’s versatility. He can run with burners, and when healthy, be asked to cover bigger WR’s or Tight Ends. He is up for the challenge “week in and week out” as Jackson has manned up against the likes of DeVante Adams and T.J. Hockenson. Judge likes his players and schemes to be versatile and multiple:

2) Jackson can also excel at zone defense. I do not think he will be scheme-specific, which is probably one of the things that attracted Graham.

3) His burst is noticeable and even if he gets beat, can recover quickly. Being a former track star, his 0-60 speed is phenomenal. You can’t teach 4.3 speed.

4) Tough. Jackson is not afraid to stick his nose in there on run defense and for a smaller guy, he can tackle. He racked up 140 tackles in his first two years where he played full seasons. He plays hard against the run and pass.

5) Off the Edge: Jackson can and will blitz off the edge. He may not have a sack to his name, but in the Titans playoff game last year, he was asked to blitz and pressured Lamar Jackson at different times during the game. (Lamar might be the hardest QB to tackle in the league).

The Real Deal: Jackson

Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s Take:

There is no question that Adoree Jackson is a talent at Cornerback. He displayed this in ’17 and ’18. Unfortunately, over the past two years, Jackson has been unable to stay on the field. If Jackson can stay healthy, I have no doubts that Graham will put him in position to succeed in this elite secondary. As a CB2, Jackson will be expected to shut down opposing team’s second best, which will allow him to succeed at an even greater level. Throw in Jackson’s ability to run a couple of trick plays on Offense and take a punt or kick return to the house at any given moment on Special Teams, and you have yourself a weapon. The kind of weapon that Bill Belichick loved in New England and that Joe Judge will love in New York. Welcome aboard Adoree. Stay out of the Trainer’s Room and sky’s the limit!