Film Room: Run D Struggles

by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

The New York Giants defeated the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday, 27-17.  This made my job on Film Room tough, as the Giants played a sound game in just about every aspect.  Everyone did their part to get this win.  The team played complimentary football for the first time all year.

If I had to nitpick, the normally stout Giant run defense struggled to contain the Eagles running game.  It’s a wonder why the Eagles didn’t stick with the run, as they shredded the Giants defense for 156 yards on 23 carries (a robust 6.8 yards per carry).  Miles Sanders was ripping off nearly 6 yards per carry by himself on his way to 85 yards.  Boston Scott had 63 yards on just 3 carries.

Maybe Patrick Graham wanted this all along (spin zone/reach by me).  Maybe he wanted to force Doug Pederson’s hand to stick with the run and knew he couldn’t do it.  The last time out, Wentz beat the Giants, and maybe Graham didn’t want to let that happen again.  Whatever the case, the front seven (specifically the Linebackers) couldn’t stop the Eagles on the ground.

Sunday vs The Philadelphia Eagles

The Defensive Line didn’t exactly have it’s strongest showing Sunday.  Quite often, Miles Sanders was running through holes like the one below.

Tomlinson was wiped out of the hole on this one and Lawrence wasn’t able to get off his block either.  Predictably, Devante Downs was also not able to get off his block, so this led to a 14-yard gain.  Which set up this, two plays later….

Giant-killer Boston Scott was given a hand-off at the Giants 44-yard line around the left end.  As you can see above, Fackrell did a bad job setting the edge, and Williams, Hill, and Martinez were all easily sealed off to form a huge hole.  All that was left was James Bradberry (not even counting Mayo, who was completely fooled by the RPO), who also had to take on All-Pro, Jason Kelce.  Kelce easily took Bradberry out and Scott was off to the races for a 56-yard Touchdown.

Still don’t know how Scott wasn’t ruled out at the 14-yard line after a review, but I am not going to complain after a win.

Spi’s Take:

Chalk this up to game plan (Graham didn’t want Wentz to beat him) or just a bad day at the office for a usually stout Front Seven, but I am going to flush it and move on.  This unit has shown they are SOLID when they need to be against the run, so this is more of an anomaly then a trend at this current time.  Get back to basics over the Bye Week and let’s keep it to an anomaly.