Film Room: Andrew Thomas Step Up

by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

Film Room: Thomas’ Struggles Continue

Coming into the 2020 NFL Draft, the University of Georgia’s Andrew Thomas was considered one of the safest and most-NFL-ready Offensive Tackles in the draft. Of the Big Four (Mekhi Becton, Jedrick Wills Jr., Tristan Wirfs, and Andrew Thomas), Thomas may not have had the highest upside, but most analysts agreed that he had the highest floor of the bunch. Gettleman went with the safe pick at #4, but thus far, Daniel Jones has felt anything but safe in the pocket with Thomas protecting his blindside.

Thomas has allowed 28 pressures over his first five games, which leads all Offensive Lineman in the NFL. That is NOT a category you want your 4th overall pick to be leading the league in. He has also allowed 4 sacks. Left Tackle is a tough position for a rookie to come in and dominate at, but the New York Giants need to start seeing progress out of their first-round pick, or heads might start to roll because of it.

Sunday vs The Dallas Cowboys

On Sunday, it was more of the same for Thomas. Pass-rushers are obviously picking up what Andrew is struggling with and they are exploiting it. Thomas, who reworked his pass sets this offseason (tough offseason to work on such a big change), is clearly working through some things.

You can tell that his technique is still very much a work in progress, as he seems to be off-balance a ton, and lunging. In the image below, this is what you want to teach your young Offensive Tackles NOT to do.

The Giants were up 17-10 with 5:32 left in the first half. On 1 st and 10, Garrett called for a play- action pass that could have led to a big play, as Ratley was running open deep. However, as you can see above, Andrew Thomas over-extended to getting his hands-on DeMarcus Lawrence. Instead of getting his hands on him, Thomas missed, and Lawrence was able to easily swipe his arms away to get around him. With Thomas now off-balance, Daniel Jones was as good as dead. The play resulted in a sack-fumble that was picked up and taken to the house. This play changed the entire momentum of the game in my opinion.

Spi’s Take:

As I mentioned earlier, that one play was hardly the only mistake Andrew Thomas made on Sunday

As an Andrew Thomas fan, I truly think that this was rock bottom for the young fella. You don’t go through the gauntlet that is the SEC and come out as the best lineman in College Football by mistake. Thomas still has the talent and skillset to become one of the better tackles in the NFL. He has to start making strides towards that, and it needs to start Sunday versus the Washington Football Team.