Pilgrim’s Point: Witten and the Giants

by Jeff Pilgrim @JeffPilgrim11

It’s been rumored that Dallas Tight End, Jason Witten, could be following in Jason Garrett’s footsteps.  

Jason Garrett, the long-time Cowboys head coach, has been hired by the New York Giants to be their new Offensive Coordinator.  The general consensus is that this was a great hire to help supplement the lack of experience on our coaching staff.  As for the idea of Witten joining the Giants, this seems to be a split decision among the Big Blue faithful. 


He is a veteran presence in a VERY young locker room.  He has always carried himself as a professional and could help mentor the younger Tight Ends on the roster.  Newcomer, Kaden Smith has the body type and skill set to be a dual-threat for the G Men with some help.   Jason Witten could be a dream come true for Smith to learn from.

I’ve all but given up on Evan Engram ever being able to block effectively in the NFL.  Engram is built like a wide receiver and can’t be relied on to be healthy for a full season, however, Witten might be the exact resource Engram needs to beat his chronic injuries.

Jason Witten has absolutely torched the Giants over his career.  He was constantly Tony Romo’s safety valve, especially when the Giants had a great pass rush in the 2007-2011 time frame.  Why is that a good thing?  It means Jason Garrett knows how to use him, as well as Tight Ends in general. 

Even as a 37-year-old during the 2019 season, he was still effective.  With the likes of Zeke, Amari Cooper, and Michael Gallup, Witten wasn’t needed to carry major weight for this offense.  Still, he hauled in 63 Receptions for 529 Yards and 4 TDs.  Not bad for a role-playing Tight End. We’re talking about a proven veteran with 72 career touchdowns.  He is smart, tough and knows the position as well as anyone.  He could be a very variable asset for this young Giants offense. You better believe Garrett would appreciate some familiar faces around the facility. Advantage Giants.


He is a Dallas Cowboy!  There’s something unsettling about adding a weapon from a division rival.  (However, the Giants record in the last 3 seasons has been far more unsettling.) He is no spring chicken.  Jason Witten will be 38 years old next year.  It doesn’t seem like Dallas would welcome him back again.  Why? He is a Dallas icon that the new staff should want.

He’s not the future.  There are many who believe that we don’t need to add older veterans as we now have the DNA of a young team.  Adding older players would be going against the grain of who the Giants have become. 

Pilgrim’s Point:  Be open to any help we can get

The Giants haven’t earned the right to deny adding pieces that could help the team.  I’m afraid that the ugly truth of him being a Dallas Cowboy is not enough to push me away from this addition.  I’m on the side of the fence that believes in adding veterans to a young squad in need of some player-leadership.  

Assuming the Giants aren’t willing to break the bank to sign a 38-year-old Tight End, I see no down-side to adding Jason Witten.  He can block, he can catch, he’s still 6’6, he’s found the endzone 72 times in his career, and he knows Jason Garret’s offense. No, he’s not the future.  But he can help this team, right now.  

And that’s the point.