Pilgrim’s Point: Build the Line, Let Danny Dime


By Jeff Pilgrim @Pilgrimspoint

The New York Giants own the 11th pick in this year’s draft.  With 4 QBs (or more) expected to go in the top 10, they’re in a great position to land a major contributor.  They’re rolling with Daniel Jones and they’re committed to surrounding him with talent.  They dropped a BIG bag of money on Free Agent Kenny Golladay.  He’s going to help, but there’s still a ton of work to do on that side of the ball.

Bottom of the Barrel 

The Giants offense ranked 31st in the league in 2020.  The offensive line showed promise at times as they allowed Wayne Gallman to look like an NFL running back.  For the most part, the line struggled as Daniel Jones fumbled 11 times in 14 games and was constantly under pressure.  The wide receivers couldn’t get separation.  The pro-bowl tight end dropped crucial passes time and time again.  The offense was beyond broken.  Jason Garrett has received a ton of blame but the reasons the Giants struggled go far beyond his vanilla play calling.  When guys can’t block or get open, that’s going to get exposed.  There’s only so many plays to call when that’s what you’ve got to work with.  Daniel Jones was often indecisive and left stranded behind a crumbling line and nobody to throw to.

Build the Line, Let Danny Dime:

There’s been one constant in the last 8 years of misery: A Bad Offensive Line.  Aside from 2016, the Giants have not had a winning record since 2012.  Let that sink in.  The Giants have won 3, 5, 4 and 6 games in the last 4 seasons!  We watched a bad O-line ruin the end of Eli’s career and negatively impact the beginning of the DJ era. 

It’s time to fix the trenches

Some good strides were made last year with investments in Thomas, Peart and Lemieux.  Clearly this was a focus for the Giants.  Unfortunately, they had no camp to teach these guys and then faced the best defensive fronts in the NFL.  The Giants were 1-7 by the time they picked themselves up off the deck.

There’s a chance somebody like Waddle or Smith falls to the Giants and they just can’t resist.  Understandable.  It’s hard to be upset with a pick like that.  You’d be getting a serious playmaker to line up on the opposite side of Golladay for 4 years and should create nightmares for defenses.  This means you absolutely have to hit a home run on a Guard in the 2nd round.  Not as easy as having your choice of the top 2 or 3 linemen in the draft.

Saquon Barkley was the best player available in 2018 and the Giants took the bait.  NYG record since drafting him:  15-33.  In everyone’s eyes, Barkley is an elite RB, just as OBJ was an elite WR.  Both of these generational talents were completely nullified by a sub-par offensive line.

If Slater/Sewell fall to the Giants, draft him and don’t think twice. There’s too much at stake.  
History has shown us all we need to know.   If the line fails, DJ and the Giants fail.

And that’s the point