OBJ & Eli get bashed by talking head

This is why saying something stupid gets you famous and a million dollar job.

Sports talker from the Herd recently said that he would trade Odell Beckham tomorrow.

“The Giants were 6 & 10, 6 & 10 with Odell Beckham, you know what they were before him…7 & 9.  I can give you 20 examples of winning teams that don’t have star receivers, Cam doesn’t have a star receiver, Seattle doesn’t have a star receiver, San Francisco didn’t, New England doesn’t.  Denver last year…Peyton couldn’t get the ball to him.”

It must be great to have a popular show, and a billion dollar company behind you because it’s obvious it doesn’t matter what you say and factual reporting is nothing but a speed bump.  His entire rant has little factual information.  But with advertisers and a microphone you can blurt out anything you want.   He goes on to say the NFL is a bubble screen league…must have been a slow news day.

I can give you evidence. It’s a bubble screen league.  I don’t have time to wait for Beckham to run down the sideline.  He’s a vertical wide receiver, ELi is going to throw it into a crowd and when Eli throws it into a crowd…it’s going to be picked off. Odell is not going to win you games.  I would trade him and get a left tackle all pro…you do it.  You do it in  heartbeat. I trade Odell Beckham in 15 minutes if you could give me a starting right guard and an all pro left tackle…done.”

Where you do start with this nonsense?

Cam Newton and Tom Brady have two superstar receivers, they’re called Tight Ends. Gronkowski is bigger than life in the NFL and defines “STAR”, as I watch him LIVE on James Corgan and Greg Olsen is a one man machine for Carolina racking up 3743 yards, 303 receptions and 24 TDs over the last 4 years.  Denver, well they currently have the best passing rushing duo on the planet so who cares, Peyton’s gone.

He also failed to mention anything about Julian Edelman, Reggie Wayne, Jordy Nelson, Wes Welker or Anquan Boldin…all star receivers that helped take their teams to the Superbowl over the last few years.   How about Randy Moss, Michael Irving, Isaac Bruce, and Jerry Rice…they played in a few Super Bowls too.

Teams like Carolina, San Francisco and Seattle had elite superstar defensives they didn’t need stud receivers.

The NFL is not even close to being a bubble screen league.  The reference of “bubble screen” shows that host is paying attention and it’s a nice buzz word for a talk show host but today’s star receivers like Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and DeAndre Hopkins are getting paid to move the ball downfield.  Bubbles screens are being used less than 10% of the time.  The running backs also called upon to run screen plays:  The classic screen , the smoke route and the tunnel screen, but you don’t see Matt Forte, Darren Sproles, Lesean McCoy or Chris Johnson playing in any Super Bowls.

As far as Odell Beckham goes?  While it’s nice that the host noticed he is a vertical receiver, he actually spends a significant amount of time moving around and going across the middle on crossing routes and slants.  His presence in the slot has been documented significantly by NFL Network before and after his No. 10 ranking was announced.  So the records that he is breaking are not exclusively from running “vertical” go routes and catching bombs.  OBJ make a living smoking defensive backs on every part of the field, inside and outside the hash marks.

The dig on Eli Manning was unnecessary.  Since Odell Beckham came into the league and Ben McAdoo took control of the offense for the Giants, Eli Manning has had his best two years as a pro.   When discussing interceptions, it should be noted that in that two-year span, since OBJ was drafted, Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Blake Bortles, Matt Ryan, and Jay Cutler have thrown for more interceptions that Eli,  and Drew Brees tied him 28 picks in 2 years.

Trading Odell for a pro bowl left tackle and a right guard just seems like a cry for attention. Only 4 starting QB’s with over 400 attempts in 2015 were sacked less than Eli Manning. While every Giants fans will admit the team needs a right tackle…no one is trading one of the best receivers in the game for him.

In closing, I would ask everyone to reflect upon other statement that he would trade OBJ for a star cornerback.   Having a star cornerback is only relevant when covering star receivers.  If star receivers are so overrated…grab a couple D3 cornerbacks and start your franchise and by the way…I’m available and still have something left in the tank.

I hope Jerry Reese never consults this guy or I might have to move to Canada.