Will the Giants Go Bargain Shopping for a Receiver

by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

The New York Giants, like many other teams in the NFL, are going to be short on cap space this offseason.  This is mainly due to the cap number dropping because of the loss of revenue for teams, with no fans being allowed to attend games in 2020.  The Giants will need to be creative in order to create enough cap space to bring in a couple starters.

Even if the team does create a decent amount of cap space, I am in the camp of spending smart.  Don’t expect big splashes.  This team, as Dave Gettleman has said before, needs to be built through the draft.  Not Free Agency.  This is why I am advocating for the Giants to go Bargain Shopping in the Wide Receiver aisle.

Due to the previously mentioned lack of cap space for many teams, there should be good options for the Giants to select from at Wide Receiver.  These options should come at a good price as well.  We would all love it if the Giants had enough cap space to splurge on the Allen Robinson’s or the Kenny Golladay’s of the world.  Hell, many are dying for the team to shop in Tier 2, in the form of Corey Davis or Curtis Samuel.

Would I love any of those guys? Sure.  However, I am looking at Tier 3 as the sweet spot.  I think you need to get your big-bodied Wide Receiver in Free Agency, at the right price.  You get your potential future #1 guy in the first two rounds of the draft.  That would allow the Giants to sign multiple guys instead of splurging on one splash player.  Spread the love, so to speak.

Tier 3 Names That I Like

Marvin Jones – 6’2” 200 Lbs.  51 Catches, 670 Yards, 5 TDs over the 2nd Half of the season in 2020.  9 TDs in 3 out of the last 4 seasons.  Showing no signs of slowing down at 30.  When was the last time you saw a Giants Wide Receiver go up and get a ball?

Marvin Jones

DeMarcus Robinson – 6’1” 200 Lbs. Ascending player who has gotten better every year, despite being the far down the totem pole in the Kansas City offense.  Only 2 drops over three seasons.  Big YAC guy.

Tim Patrick – 6’4” 212 Lbs. Big body like you read about being a converted Tight End.  Career Year in 2020 with 50 catches, 700+ yards and 6 TDs.  0 drops in 2021.

Allen Lazard – 6’5” 225 Lbs.Another ascending player.  Was looking to have a career year in 2020 before a Core injury cost him 7 games.  6 TDs over the last two years despite limited playing time.  Deep threat that can also do damage in the Red Zone.

Josh Reynolds – 6’3” 196 Lbs.  Career year in 2020.  Buried on the depth chart in LA.  Only 25 years old.  Good hands and runs good routes.  Another good Red Zone threat that makes tough catches like these…

Honorable Mention:

Breshad Perriman – 6’2” 215 Lbs. Big-play threat that averages 16 yards a catch over his five-year career.  Has yet to live up to his 1st Round status but has flashed the potential over the last two seasons when healthy.  Going on his 5th team in six years.  Doesn’t have to change his home address, as he played for the Jets last year.

Spi’s Take:

As you can see, there are several intriguing options in the middle of this Free Agent class that the Giants can hit on.  Typically, the Giants do better when they shop smart in Free Agency, not big.  Go out and get one of these big-bodied Wide Receivers and it will instantly help Daniel Jones.  Jones has never had a guy that he can trust to come down with a 50/50 jump ball. 

All the aforementioned players are big-time Red Zone threats, an area where the Giants struggled mightily in 2020.  The goal is to build a good receiving unit for Daniel Jones.  There is nothing in the rule books that says you need to spend big in Free Agency to obtain that goal.  Get your big veteran for the right price in Free Agency and get your future star in the draft.  Couple that with Sterling Shepard in the slot and Saquon Barkley in the backfield, and you have the makings of a very good (and much improved) offense.