The Rush Crew: 5 Players I Love to Hate

Sometimes your team signs or drafts a player you just don’t like…or maybe you secretly love their game, but it’s more fun for you to “playfully” hate them. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all have those players in our crosshairs.

The Rush Crew had some fun bringing you, “5 players I Love to Hate” or ” 5 Players I Hate to Love”. You choose.


  1. Tiki Barber
  2. Corey Webster
  3. OBJ
  4. Aaron Ross
  5. Evan Engram



  1. OBJ
  2. Evan Engram
  3. Daniel Jones
  4. Will Hernandez
  5. Jeremy Shockey



  1. Jeremy Shockey
  2. Tiki Barber
  3. OBJ
  4. Janoris Jenkins
  5. Will Allen



  1. Evan Engram
  2. Tiki Barber
  3. Martellus Bennett
  4. Janoris Jenkins
  5. Jay Feely


Mikey Fresh

  1. OBJ
  2. Tiki Barber
  3. Will Allen
  4. Sinorice Moss
  5. Jeremy Shockey



  1. Lavar Arrington
  2. Kerry Collins
  3. Peyton Hillis
  4. Landon Collins
  5. Orleans Darkwa