The Giants Defense Forgets How to Tackle in Nola

By Spiro Kasabian @NYspawtsguy_spi

The New York Giants defense continues to be a source of disappointment for Giant fans.  The unit that was expected to lead this team back into being a contender has flopped hard through the first four games.  Be it the lack of pass rush, poor coverage, or bad tackling, Patrick Graham’s defense is having a hard time finding their way in 2021.

The problems continued in New Orleans this Sunday.  The unit gave up a Touchdown before halftime for the fourth consecutive week.  They also put on a horrible tackling display throughout the game.  I know the team’s best tackler, Blake Martinez, is done for the season, but they need to do better than what they showed on Sunday.

Sunday vs The Saints

Two plays epitomized the effort and technique that were sorely lacking from this Giant defense.  Judge better have them running laps and Graham better drill this into their heads all week long before playing the vaunted Cowboy offense.

On the aforementioned drive that the Saints scored on right before halftime, there were two consecutive plays that told the tale of the day from a tackling standpoint.  The play below was a first down throw to Chris Hogan.  Hogan proceed to drag Adoree Jackson six yards here as Jackson went for a horseback ride.

A six-yard gain turns into 2nd and 1 and Jackson standing behind the play feeling sorry for himself.

So, after that display, you would think the Giants defense would have been more focused on wrapping up and making tackles, right? WRONG…click here for even more egregious tackling.

That sorry ass excuse for a tackling display led to a touchdown and the Giants lost all momentum heading into the 2nd Half.  Low and behold, the Saints came out and drove all the way down the field on their first possession in the 2nd Half for a quick TD that nearly put the game out of reach.

If the New York Giants defense doesn’t figure out this thing fast, they will one of the main reasons this team finishes at the bottom of the NFC East/NFL.  This defense has no intensity right now and zero grit.  That passion-less play is manifesting itself in their tackling. 

WAKE UP GENTS ! Before it’s too late.