Pilgrim’s Point

by Jeff Pilgrim @Jeff_NYG  

The Giants started 1-7 the last two seasons and have now started 2-6 this year.  This is looking like another top-6 draft pick in 2020.  So let’s accept this for what it is.  Rookie QB, second-year GM/Coach, and a JV roster.  This will get better, that’s a promise.

Aside from a horrendous turnover on our first possession, Daniel Jones continues to improve.  Our rookie QB completed 28 passes for 322 yards, FOUR touchdowns, and ZERO interceptions.  Read that again if you have to.  The completions, touchdowns and QB Rating of 124.2 were all career highs for Jones.

His major mistake came on a botched play where he technically threw the ball backward, resulting in a fumble recovery for a touchdown (by former Giant Devon Kennard, in case it wasn’t bad enough).  This was on Jones, he’s got to throw the ball away.  He double-pumped and second-guessed himself.  The play even left Barkley confused as he could have easily tackled Kennard, but instead dusted his jersey as he went for the endzone.  For the record, Barkley owned his mistake in the post-game.

Perhaps Pat Shurmur should hire a motivational speaker to get these guys ready for game time.  For the second week in a row, the Giants found themselves down 14-0 after the first quarter.  That’s something good teams don’t do.  That’s something good coaches don’t let happen.  In our four consecutive losses, the Giants never had the lead.  A strong start is essential to a young team who is bound to make mistakes.  Playing from behind makes our offense more predictable and our defense more vulnerable.  

The verdict is still out on Head Coach Pat Shurmur.  I’m yet to see a creative game plan which helps put our players in the best position to be successful.  

Pilgrim’s Point:  “They are who we thought they were”

– Dennis Green

I imagined this season would get off to a slow start.  Not only were we opening up in Dallas, which has been a guaranteed loss to start the season in recent years, but we would have a completely new roster.  I see this team starting to gel as the offensive line and defense get more time together.  The Giants defense sacked Matthew Stafford four times on Sunday which tied their season-high, another positive.  This was to be a rebuild from day one, so don’t be surprised that we’re not a polished product yet.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, it was never about this year.  We’re starting to see that now.  We don’t have to bang our heads against the wall after every loss anymore, we’re not going to the playoffs.  We’re watching a young, improving team.  

The Giants just picked up Defensive End Leonard Williams from the Jets.  By the start of the 2020 season, the Giants will have several new faces and talent-upgrades at numerous positions.  Contrary to recent years, we can see the light now.

*Side note* Last week I predicted touchdowns from Slayton, Engram and Barkley.  I’ve always been ahead of my time.