Pilgrim’s Point: When Will they Win?

by Jeff Pilgrim @pilgrims_point

Daniel Jones was selected #6 overall by the New York Giants in the 2019 draft.  Due to the failures of the organization, many are calling for the Giants to start looking elsewhere for Jones’ replacement after getting off to a 0-4 start.  Fans are expecting the Giants to have a very high draft pick next year (again) and are lobbying for them to select Trevor Lawrence, QB out of Clemson.  Lawrence is considered a “can’t miss” prospect and is expected to be the #1 overall pick.

Put Things Into Perspective:

There is no guarantee Lawrence will be available by the time we draft. Daniel Jones is playing under his second head coach and offensive coordinator in his first two seasons- There were a very abbreviated off-season program and no pre-season games. (I know.  We’re tired of hearing this)-

The offensive line is among the worst in the league- The WR group is among the worst in the league- Saquon Barkley is out of commission for 2020 and the Giants lack any running game to offer a balanced attack. Let me summarize for you.  Daniel Jones was drafted into a situation that was not built for success. 

Daniel Jones – 16th start 

He is playing for a team that is lacking in every major area needed to be successful.  The dream of another rookie QB coming in here and fixing everything is just that, a dream.

The Giants are facing some very difficult decisions as this brutal season continues and eventually concludes.- Dave Gettleman – is it time for him to go?  Forcing another rebuild.- Saquon Barkley – Entering his 4th season in 2021 and is very close to needing a new contract- Evan Engram – Are we done with this project?  I think we are.- And finally, Daniel Jones.  While I’m in his defense, there needs to be more progression and improvement.\

Top 5 pick in 2021:

They will have options.  We don’t know if it will be DG or someone else pulling the strings.  With so many holes to fill, a new GM may decide to trade out of that high pick and accumulate assets and other draft picks.  Then again, a different GM may decide to take the best QB available who he believes can turn this franchise around.  If Gettleman is still at the helm, you can all but guarantee Daniel Jones will still be our QB.  Gettleman reached for Jones and put his own name on the line for him, moving on from him would make that decision a failure. 

A logical football fan would look at this franchise and clearly see that we are not just a QB away.  This is not the 2015/2016 Broncos that were a Peyton Manning away from going the distance. In today’s world there is no patience.  There is no “Let’s see how he develops over a couple years”.  Those days are gone.  You must win early and often and the Giants aren’t winning at all. The idea that a rookie quarterback can fix the deeply-rooted problems the Giants have is an impulsive and irresponsible notion.  You don’t replace the engine of a car and expect it to drive better when it doesn’t have wheels.

We are not just a QB away from winning.  

And that’s the point.