Pilgrim’s Point: GMen Need More Big Guys

By Jeff Pilgrim @JeffPilgrim11 

The Giants hold the #4 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft.  NY is in the midst of a complete rebuild and we have needs everywhere.  There are many scenarios that may unfold as this 2020 Draft takes place.  

Likely Scenarios

* Giants select best defensive player available (Young, Simmons, Okudah)

* Giants select the offensive lineman of their choice

* Trade the #4 to a QB-hungry team, acquire more picks, draft O-lineman.

Pilgrim: I’m all in on #3.

It would be extremely exciting to add a Young or Simmons to the Big Blue defense.  I wouldn’t be upset if they did.  I’m afraid it would be a mistake.  The Giants have all but completely ignored their offensive line for too long.  It hasn’t been a strength of the NY Giants in almost 10 years.  That HAS to change.

Negatives of a Weak O-Line

* Jones will be running for his life in passing situations, risking injury and turnover.

* Lack of running game = no time of possession, inability to finish games, run out the clock, and always playing from behind.

* The Giants will not be able to extend drives, resting the defense. This is why the Giants crumbled in the 4th quarter of almost every game last year.  Our defense always had a great effort, but inevitably ran out of gas with quick drives from our offense.

A true rebuild doesn’t happen overnight.  The Giants may have to wait to get the elite pass rusher.  We can re-sign Golden and develop some younger players to help with that.  The Giants may just have a star on the roster already just waiting to bust out.

One thing is clear, the NY Giants offensive line is the weakest part of our team.  It’s not sexy or exciting to invest in the O-line, but it makes your overall team better.  Look what Dallas Cowboys has become due to constantly investing high picks in their O-line.  They constantly have a top running attack and they dominate time of possession.  It even made Dak Prescott look good (friendly shots fired).

This 2020 offseason has been focused on defense.  Nothing to be upset about, it’s also a huge need for a young rebuilding team.  The NY Giants completely whiffed on Ereck Flowers and Nate Solder.  It’s time to get it right.  It’s time to build a dominant O-line and start dominating opponents.  

And that’s the point.