Film Room: Solder Not Impressing

by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

Nate Solder did not have a great first year as a New York Giant.  Solder had an abysmal first half to his inaugural Giant season, letting up several sacks early in the season where he was battling injury, learning a new system, and getting used to blocking for a new Quarterback.  He settled down to have a solid second half of the season.

Overall, Solder graded out as a middle of the pack Left Tackle in the NFL.  While that was much better than what Ereck Flowers had shown in previous seasons, it was not top Left Tackle production, which was what the Giants were paying for.  With that solid 2nd Half, there was optimism that Solder was more comfortable and healthier going into the 2019 season. 

Solder had offseason surgery to clean up an ankle injury and missed all of the spring workouts.  He did practice from the beginning of Training Camp, so the ankle should no longer be an issue.

Against the Bengals, Nate Solder was not at his best.  Solder was beat badly by Defensive End Carl Lawson.  He almost got Daniel Jones killed before he could make it out of his first Preseason in the NFL.

Solder Gets Beat. Jones Get Killed. Credit: Brian Baldinger

We have seen this far too often from Solder and it is simply something that cannot continue to happen on a consistent basis.  On the very next play, Daniel Jones completed a deep downfield pass to Darius Slayton that almost didn’t have a chance of happening because Solder was again pushed right into Jones’ feet. 

The Giants have an out in Nate Solder’s contract following this season.  The contract is structured so that there is not a big cap hit if he were to be released.  If we continue to see an up and down season from the well-paid Solder in “year two”, this could end up being the last year he is starting as the New York Giant Left Tackle.  Let’s hope that it was simply Solder trying to get his footing and missed on his technique.

The Giants need to see improvement starting Week One of the Regular Season.