Film Room: Engram Disappoints Again

by Spiro Kasabian @NYSpawtsguy_spi

Engram Frustration Boiling Over

The dropped passes and missed blocks are starting to add up for Evan Engram. Things that were excused for Engram being a rookie last year are rearing their ugly heads again this year. Giants fans are starting to lose patience with the talented, yet inconsistent former 1st round pick.

Last year, Engram’s eleven drops were chalked up to “lack of concentration”.  After much talk this summer on his focus to cut down on said drops, Engram has fallen flat again this year. You can’t use the “lack of concentration” excuse when you are wide-open on 4th down, with the game on the line. It has become a problem, and if Engram couldn’t fix it over the offseason, who knows if he ever will.

Evan Engram is a tantalizing talent, but it remains to be seen how good of a fit he will be for the New York Giants going forward. For an offense that already struggles to move the ball, having a Tight End with a case of the dropsies is not going to cut it. I’m not sure he would be a good fit for any team, for that matter, as Engram also is a very poor blocker. There is also the problem of Engram’s size. He is not big enough to be a true Tight End, so he is basically playing out of position. You can get away with that in college, but not in the NFL. If you can’t block and you can’t catch in the NFL as a Tight End, you are going to have a very short career.

For a team that has traded JPP (2010 1st round pick), let Justin Pugh sign elsewhere (2013 1st round pick), waived Ereck Flowers (2015 1st round pick), and traded Eli Apple (2016 1st round pick), Engram is looking like yet another miss from Jerry Reese. Being that this regime did not draft Evan Engram, don’t be surprised if he goes on the trading block sooner rather than later. Pat Shurmur has yet to find a way to incorporate Engram into this offense, and it is looking more and more like he might not be a fit.

This Past Sunday:
Engram accounted for two drops in first game of the season and added a MONSTER drop last week versus the Redskins on 4th and 3 deep in Redskins territory in a 10-3 game. In the 4th Quarter of a game, on 4th down, that is simply unacceptable.
Engram added 5 rather meaningless catches, most coming in garbage time, to go with 25 yards and a late TD. Maybe Engram’s knee injury has sapped him of his usual athleticism, but so far, 2019 has been a big step back for the 2nd year TE.

Evan Engram gets this week’s “Dud of the Week”.