2020 Draft: Rd. 3 – OT Matt Peart

BY Jeff Pilgrim @JeffPilgrim11 

With the 99th pick in the 2020 draft, the New York Giants selected OT Matt Peart of UConn.

Ok. Who?

Peart is a 6’7, 318 lb prospect with a high upside.  It wasn’t the pick we expected but it’s the pick we got.  Let’s dive in.

This is a depth move.  Gettleman wasn’t messing around when he said the offensive line is a pressure point for 2020.  Using their 1st and 3rd pick in the draft on Offensive Tackles is a clear message.  The Giants are going to want to run the ball and control the time of possession for years to come.  That’s a breath of fresh air for Giants fans.

Looking Forward:

Perhaps they believe Matt Peart will be a long time starter over the next decade of Giants football.  He may not start immediately, but having a high-upside, massive, young Tackle to rotate in is a good thing in my book.  Our starting Tackles will likely be Solder and 1st round pick, Andrew Thomas.  (left and right sides to be sorted out).  That could make Matt Peart the next guy up.  A guy with experience at Right and Left Tackle.  A team with depth is a team that can sustain injuries and still win football games.

Tell Us More:

Peart played most of his career at UConn on the right side, but he’s proven he can be coached and moved around if necessary.  He has experience playing Left Tackle as well.  Another plus.  He is a natural athlete and a former basketball player.  He’s got the longest arms of all linemen in the entire draft. (You can look that up.  I did.)  He plays with really good energy.  He fights hard and he finishes his blocks. 

Oh, yes. He’s from the Bronx, in case you needed another reason to feel good about the Giant’s rookie.   

Gettleman made it clear that the offensive line is a high priority in 2020.    They are learning from their mistakes.  We all watched the last 5 years of Eli’s career go down in flames because he was constantly running for his life.  Daniel Jones will be protected.

Welcome to Big Blue, Matt Peart.