Pilgrims Point: Clean Sweep

Film Room: Pat Shurmur out coached

by: Jeff Pilgrim @Jeff_NYG

Get out your mops and brooms, it’s time to clean the house.

What looked so promising in the first half turned into another second-half disappearing act by the New York Giants. The Giants gave their fans a magical second quarter.  Eli Manning was throwing touchdowns.  Rookie WR Darius Slayton was absolutely electric.  He introduced himself to Eli Manning by turning a short gain into a 35-yard Touchdown. 

Slayton went for 154 yards and two touchdowns, all in the second quarter.  (He reminds me of a young Victor Cruz, the way he makes something out of nothing.)  Slayton has major speed and play-making ability.  He’s now got two touchdowns in three different games and should be entrenched as a starter for the remainder of the season and well into next year.

For a moment, I didn’t care about the 2020 draft.  The logical fan would say we need to lose all these games to secure Chase Young.  But the emotional, die-hard fan is sick of watching his team get beat up.  At some point you’ve got to punch back.  After Eli threw his 2nd TD, most fans just wanted to win and ruin the Eagles playoff chances.  The Giants went into halftime with a 17-3 lead.  At that point, it was over.

You don’t become 2-11 by accident.

In the second half, however, the Giants got the opportunity to showcase their recently resigned punter, tallying only 29 yards of offense in the second quarter. 

It was three-and-out…time and time again. The game plan looked as if Shurmur ande Shula were trying not to lose, rather win, Shurmur put little into the offensive strategy, just begging the Eagles to come back and steal this game.  So they did.

After targeting the Eagles biggest weakness, their secondary, we abandoned what worked so well in the first half.  Darius Slayton had no catches and zero targets in the second half.  How is that possible!?  He was absolutely torching the Eagles, yet Shurmur and Shula dialed up nothing unique or innovative to get him or Barkley the ball.

After the game, Pat Shurmur explained: “We didn’t abandon him, we just didn’t have as many opportunities.”  Even with every drive resulting in a punt, that still leaves 3 plays each possession to try and get them going again.  This kind of coaching leads me to my point.

Pilgrim’s Point: Giants ready for an overhaul.

It is all but certain Pat Shurmur will be fired as Head Coach at the end of the season.  He has no control over the locker room and instills no confidence in the players, the fans or the ownership.  He often looks lost on the sideline and it’s become clear he is not cut out for this.  I’m hoping Dave Gettleman is already on the phone with his old friend, Ron Rivera.

As far as the coordinators, how could you make a case for either of them to stay?  Our defensive coordinator had only one Eagles weapon to worry about and still couldn’t stop him. Zach Ertz, the all-pro Tight Ende had his way, scoring two touchdowns and securing the win for the Eagles.  He was left wide open several times, most painfully on the Overtime touchdown.  

Pat Shurmur is calling the offensive plays, so what is Shula doing?  The offense has no creativity or consistency. While the Giants have reason to believe we’re heading in the right direction for upcoming years, you can’t deny this is officially rock bottom.  Giants are the 32nd ranked team in the NFL according to the new lists that are out there.  The ninth consecutive loss ties a franchise record.  All the fans have to look forward to is a farewell to Eli Manning and the 2020 Draft.

The product that Mara has produced is unacceptable.  And THAT’s the point.