Can Rolle help bridge the gap from Veterans to Youth

After signing a three-year deal with the Chicago Bears, former Giants safety Antrel Rolle is on the market again. Rolle only played in seven games for the Bears in 2015 due to injuries and have recently cut him one year into the three-year deal.  This raises the question, should the Giants bring back their former defensive captain?

I say absolutely yes. The Giants need help at safety. While bringing in a 33-year-old, freshly cut safety isn’t an ideal fix, Rolle brings something to the table that the Giants secondary doesn’t have currently…experience and leadership.

Rolle was a big time leader of the Giants defense in his time in New York and after having the worst defense in the NFL in 2016 bringing back a player that can lead a young defense will only help. The Giants have a lot of young players at safety like Landon Collins, Nat Berhe and third round pick from Boise State, Darian Thompson that could use guidance on and off the field.

Rolle could also be used from time to time as a nickel corner with players like Collins and Berhe on the field at safety.  This scenario would also foster some additional connection and teaching for the Giants first round pick, Eli Apple.

Signing Rolle would not be a difficult task either. Reports have said that Rolle would love to return to New York where he once was a Super Bowl champion. Being on the wrong side of 30 and coming off an injury should allow the Giants and Rolle to find a pay structure that works for both parties.  The Giants have plenty of cap space left to give him a year or two deal.

With the right influence, Collins, Berhe, Mykkele Thompson and Darian Thompson will develop into the players the Giants need.  His injury free career and work ethic also helps in making that decision.

Tom Peticca (@peticca95)