By Michael Stewart @TheTruthNYG

The upcoming 2021 season has many questions that the media and fans aren’t sure what the answers are. They range from individual performances to a collective production from a unit. Among the many questions I have read on Twitter and on various websites, I have taken the top 5 concerns that I think garner the most interest this season. So let’s get to it.

Top 5 Concerns:

  • Will Offensive line be better? This has been arguably the most concerning topic dating back when Gettleman became the GM. Gettleman was adamant about bringing in Hog Mollies; which he coined for his beloved offensive linemen. The effort was there, but the results have not been what the media and/or fans expected thus far. Only two of the five projected linemen have my seal of approval and upmost confidence and they are Andrew Thomas and Nick Gates. The other three (Shane Lemieux, Will Hernandez and Matt Peart) all have question marks that cast a shadow on whether or not they can improve enough.
  • Which Evan Engram will show up? Engram is having arguably his best training camp since his rookie season and it sparked a ton of traffic on social media sites projecting that this could be the year he finally breaks out. Not so fast folks, playing well in training camp isn’t new to Engram as we’ve seen this movie play out before. There are still many Engram believers out there, but I am not one of them. Until he can show me that the drops are a thing of the past and he can make plays in traffic, the jury is still out on him.
  • Will Barkley play in week one? This has been a hot topic the past few weeks and it’s picking up stream. Head Coach Joe Judge is keeping a lid on this with genetic answers and optimism that Barkley will be ready. Barkley has looked good in training camp, and limited in full scrimmages. Any running back will tell you after an injury that they need to get use to contact as quickly as possible.
  • Will Ojulari be the difference on defense? The Giants defense ranked in the top 10 in 2020. However; the addition of Azeez Ojulari could put the Giants defense in the top 5 if he performs. It may take a few games at the start of the season for him to get going, but I believe once he does, Giant fans are going to enjoy the ride.  
  • Will Daniel Jones be the franchise QB for the Giants?  Is Daniel Jones the franchise quarterback for the Giants? This is a question that has been flooding social media since he’s been drafted. Jones biggest nemesis has been ball security as he has a total of 29 fumbles in his 1st two seasons. Jones reduced his fumbles in 2020 with 11 as opposed to 18 in his rookie season. He is now entering his 3rd season and a pivotal one for him to show everyone that he was the right choice for the Giants. The success of Jones will be strongly predicated with the performance of the offensive line. If the offensive line can hover around the middle of the pack, Daniel Jones will have his best season as a Giant.

Health: Always a concern

Notable topics such as the health status of Kenny Golladay, Kyle Rudolph, Aaron Robinson, and Kadarius Toney were a consideration as their health is certainly and an important factor to the success of this season.  Keep an eye out for my next article projecting the Giants 53 man roster. You might be surprised who I have making the final cuts.