Scoring Falls on the Giants Quaterback

It seemed like the same game we’ve been watching the past few weeks. The Giants keep within what should be striking distance the entire game, but you just know that the comeback isn’t going to happen. It was also another week of poor play from Eli Manning. Granted the offensive line was bad (looking at you, Ereck Flowers) but as a veteran team captain, these are the games Eli really needs to step up and play big time football. Eli hasn’t really done that all year.

Eli threw for less than 6 yards per attempt on Sunday night going 18 for 35.  Just a touch above a 50% completion percentage on a night his counterpart, Aaron Rodgers also played poorly for his standards. Eli had a real opportunity to outplay arguably the best quarterback in the game but he couldn’t step up and make it happen.

Another major dysfunctional part of Eli’s current game is the inability to put the ball in the end zone.   Drives are stalling out and the offense is settling for field goals.   It is very clear that Eli is uncomfortable, but with the weapons on this team, scoring falls directly into the lap of the quarterback.  Missing wide open receiver can not happen, especially against at team like Green Bay.  There are little second chances.

While everyone knows that Eli wants to win, his play on the field looks like survival only.   Numberous times against Green Bay, Eli had room to slide, step up or even run for a small gain, yet the ball was either thrown away or grounded.  For 18 million dollars, everyone expects Eli to get Odell the ball…so whats the problem?  Has the line gotten worse?   It should not have taken 5 weeks for OBJ to catch his first touchdown.  This falls on Eli to be the playmaker.

I’ve heard some theories saying that he’s playing hurt and isn’t making it public. I could see that being the case but if he’s on the field the Giants need him to be the man who threw for more than 8800 yards over the last two seasons.

Eli and the Giants have 2 chances to get above .500 before their bye week, starting this week against a Ravens team that had their own troubles the last two weeks. Back in front of the home crowd this week is a huge opportunity to get things back on track. I don’t want to call this week a must win, but with the way the rest of the division has been playing it is certain pretty close. Wins the next 2 weeks will put Big Blue at 4-3 with a huge match up against the Eagles coming out of the bye.

It’s time for Eli and the offense to step up and make it happen.  No more excuses…he’s won with less.

Tom Peticca (@peticca95)