What to Expect from Victor Cruz in 2016

With training camp approaching it would be right to address one of the biggest question marks heading into camp, Victor Cruz. What is fair to expect from him this year?  The fair answer is nothing.

After being one of the Giants star receivers Cruz has missed the last year and a half due to injury. When someone doesn’t play for that long you can’t expect much from him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a major contributor.

Cruz has never had the benefit of playing alongside Odell Beckham. Beckham’s recent stardom means he requires more attention from the defense, and with Dwayne Harris and the promise of rookie Sterling Shepard, Cruz should be able to find his share of good match-ups, and an easier transition back into the system.  The receiving core has all the makings of one of the groups in the NFL. 

Because it’s been so long since his last meaningful snap, it’s not right to expect superstar stats.   The Cruz knee injury (patella) is not easy to return from and the calf only compounds the issue, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  He has spent his whole career as an underdog and everyone knows about his work ethic so what can fans truly expect from Victor Cruz.

First and foremost, he will deliver a huge emotional lift to the team and the fans.  While defensives aren’t just going to give No. 80 a free pass, new head coach, Ben McAdoo will put Cruz in the right packages to give him the best opportunity to succeed and help turn this 6-10 team around. 

Secondly, Eli Manning has always had a great connection with Cruz.   It’s hard to image Eli throwing for 5000 yards, but knowing Odell is going to get the majority of touches, the Cruz numbers might be a little hard to predict. 

Odell Beckham – 98 receptions | 1450 yards | 15 touchdowns

Dwayne Harris – 32 receptions | 360 yards | 4 touchdowns

Will Tye – 48 receptions | 432 yards | 4 touchdowns 

Sterling Shepard – 56 receptions | 700 yards | 6 touchdowns

Vereen/Jennings – 60 receptions | 600 yards | 5 touchdowns

So what can fans expect from Cruz?   Manning will be spreading the ball around with the amount of weapons he has in 2016.

Victor Cruz – 68 receptions / 788 yards | 5 touchdowns

by Tom Peticca @peticca95