Film Session: Week 15 – Dog of the Week

by: Tom Peticca

The Giants continue to stay hot, getting another win over a division leader this week. The win over the Lions has the Giants one win away from clinching a playoff berth as well as holding off a Cowboys division title ceremony.

Here is where I recycle the statement on how well the defense has been playing. Not allowing a touchdown all game and getting some big time turnovers. The offense improved from last week, getting a late game score that all but killed the Lions chances at a comeback. One player that struggled all game was starting running back Rashad Jennings, the focus of this week’s film session and Dog of the Week.

Looking for a spark in the run game, McAdoo has been giving rookie Paul Perkins more and more carries, putting pressure on Jennings.  Jennings had 18 carries, where Perkins only had 11.  Perkins did much more with his touches however, rushing for 56 yards compared to Jennings 38.  Jennings has to step up and hit the hole faster or slow down and be patient. He just doesn’t see the field well.  He misses wide open running lanes on the outside…week in and week out.  It’s not easy behind a poor offensive line but Perkins carried for over 5 yards per carry last week.  The production of 2.1 yards per carry from your starting running back is not going to get Big Blue through the NFC playoffs.

The last two seasons around this time is when Jennings started to heat up, but now he is only losing snaps to Perkins and it just makes sense.  He is not making the most of his opportunities.

Looking forward: Quick turnaround to a Thursday night game against Philly as the Giants have a chance to lock in a playoff berth.  Get it out of the way Thursday night as an early Christmas present to all the fans .