Odell Beckham should stop using a stiff arm

There are players throughout NFL history that have been great at a “face mask” rattling stiff arm.   Walter Payton, Ottis Anderson, Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch come mind.   It’s the price you pay for trying to tackle a guy too high.

Because wide receivers make a living using their hands, learning how to execute a good stiff arm will only save the receiver some down time.  There is no good reason to whack a Defensive Back in the helmet with your hand, especially when it doesn’t effect the play in a positive way.   To take it a step further, if receivers do use this technique…I would urge their position coaches to make sure they know how to protect themselves and use it effectively.

Odell Beckham Jr. uses the stiff arm occasionally, more often than not…incorrectly.   I have watched him numerous times over the last three years crack a defenders helmet with his open hand or grab a defenders face mask.   It is only a matter of time before he breaks a finger or his hand.

After last week, against the Saints it is obvious his position coach (Adam Henry) needs to step in fix his approach.   Henry coached Odell at LSU.  The play in question: It was a 1st and 10 from the Saints 43 yard line.   The completed pass from Eli Manning was a quick 3 yard hitch to the sideline for Beckham.  As he brings the ball up and across the 37 yard line, No. 24 Sterling Moore of the Saints launches at Beckham from the right side dropping his head down to the point where Moore can no longer see Beckham, in hopes his forward momentum and extended left arm will collide with OBJ taking him down or forcing him out-of-bounds.  Yes, it was terrible defensive form.

At this point Odell smacks Moore in the back of the helmet as Moore falls to the turf.  Yes, it seems Beckham avoided any injury, but it’s only a matter of time before he breaks his finger, hand or wrist.

I can remember two other stiff arms that were inches away from injury:   Titans & Niners.   If it’s a source of frustration…he needs to chill before he winds up on IR.