Put Jerell Adams in the Game: Eli needs a TE

Some times it’s so easy to see it’s painful.

The Giants have 3 great receivers and an average offensive line.  That means that the quarterback of the New York Giants, Eli Manning has no time to read a defense and has to wait for the receivers to get into their patterns.  This has resulted in sacks, interceptions and balls spiked into the turf.

So the QB makes an adjustment to a short passing game, slants, screens and outs.  This would normally be okay if the Giants had a….Tight End!  A game changing Tight End.

Every good to great team in the NFL has one.  Doubt their potency?   Jason Witten from the Dallas Cowboys has owned the Giants for 10 years.  He has basically run his routes uncontested for a decade, like he was invisible.  The 2015 NFL playoffs flashed the likes of Greg Olsen, Tyler Eifert, Jordan Reed, Travis Kelce, Richard Rogers and Rob Gronkowski.

With Shane Vereen on the IR and McAdoo in love with the 3 receiver set, Manning has no true safety value or seem option.  Chicken or the egg?  The coach does not believe in the Tight Ends on the roster, so he force feeds the 3 receiver set every play or the Tight Ends on the roster scare no one, rarely get open or make a play.  Either way Jerry Reese needs to get a clue and give McAdoo a weapon.

Yes, Bavaro and Shockey were all world players, but Kevin Boss and Jake Ballard got the job done effectively and consistently.  Just when the Giants found a guy who fit in perfectly in New York (Martellus Bennett)…Reese refuses to re-sign him.   UGH!

At the end of the day the Giants do not have an Offensive Line to run 3 receiver sets. Flowers is over matched at left tackle and should be switched to Right Tackle.  Justin Pugh is having a great year but can’t do it alone.  Richburg is off in his 2nd season, maybe playing next to Jerry is hurting him and Newhouse/Hart are below average.

Secondly, Tye and Donnell do not scare a defense and are below average blockers.  Two Tight End sets would help Eli tremendously and it’s time to see what Jerell Adams can do.  Seriously, stop fooling around and feed the kid the ball until they stop it. When they try…OBJ, Cruz ans Shep will be there.

Eli needs a Tight End in the second half if they plan on winning another 6 games.   Cut Donnell and sign a full back.   Use Will Beatty as the second Tight End for blocking.  Either way…the Tight End is devalued by the New York Giants brass and it’s a major mistake.


Craig J. Santucci- publisher