The Giants need to Fix the Offensive Line


Lets have some clear perspective when it comes to the quarterback of the New York Giants.   The Giants General Manager has already endorsed Eli Manning for 2018. Let the fans debate what they “want” or what they “know” will be better…I have moved on.

I would rather embrace what is in the books and discuss what other solutions are available to make this team better.   Priority No.1 is to make the New York Giants relative in the NFL.  To make this team competitive, enjoyable to watch and enjoyable to root for.

This team started to lose its way in 2012 and over a five-year period…the wheels have come off.  Anyone who reads knows that I hold Jerry Reese and Marc Ross responsible.   The ego, the zero accountability from the scouting department and the dismissal FA execution.

Eli’s Career:

Eli Manning has been a great Quarterback for the New York Giants.   Statistically he holds every Giants Quarterback record.   He has more 4th Quarter “Comeback” winning drives than Romo, Aikman, Staubach, Favre, Rodgers, Montana and Steve Young.  He won two Super Bowls and two Super Bowl MVP’s.

His Flaws:

During his tenure, in the passing era he was never considered a gunslinger or harnessing a cannon arm.  Manning tends to throw off his back foot and frequently tries to stuff a ball in a window he can’t execute.  Over the last 5 years he has had happy feet in the pocket and tends to throw, pitch, shovel or flick the ball in order to avoid a sack.  This play usually results in a fumble or int.

His attributes:  

As much a Kevin Kilbride’s offense sucked it did allow Eli Manning to throw the ball down field which was his strength for a long time.  He reads defenses well, he excels at audibling at the line of scrimmage and remains calm and collected in a crazy NY media market.  He is a “pro’s pro” on and off the field and comes to work everyday with no drama.

Dragging him down:

KillDrive’s offense allowed the receiver to determine the break in the route.   Often times the receiver made the wrong break resulting in way too many interceptions that the fan base think are Eli’s fault.

After the 2007 Super Bowl management never refilled the talent pool on the Offensive Line.  Instead of drafting or acquiring players like Pouncey, Kalil, Iupati, or Mathis, they brought in a string of guys at the end of their careers and expected Eli to overcome their flaws and lack of talent:  Happy feet were born!

Boothe, Baas, JD Walton, Jack Brewer, John Jerry, Geoff Schwartz, Marshall Newhouse, Charles Brown, Sean Locklear, Brandon Mosley, Bobby Hart, Ereck Flowers.

Receivers: Since Plax…it’s been OBJ, Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.  With Cruz, OBJ and Nicks on the shelf for a combined 3.5 years, Eli has been working with the likes of Mario Manningham, Rueben Randle, Roger Lewis, Tavarres King, Dwayne Harris, Geremy Davis, Jerrel Jernigan, and Preston Parker.


The Manning tenure is coming to close.   We can all agree on that.  However, if the New York Giants draft a quarterback in 2018 he sits the bench.   The same offensive line that tries to protect Eli Manning will be the same line that tries to protect Webb, Rosen, Darnold, Allen or Mayfield.   You can’t win when the QB is on his back or running for his life.

If you have average running backs like Darkwa or Gellman…your line needs to open up holes.  The New York Giants Offensive line can’t open up a can of beans.  Change the quarterback AFTER you fix the offensive line, protect the new acquisition.

Moves:  Move Flowers to Right Guard.  Get rid of Jerry.  Resign Pugh and move him to Right Tackle. Draft Left Tackle.  Sign Andrew Norwell.