Pilgrim’s Point: Next Steps

by Jeff Pilgrim: @Jeff_NYG

After firing Pat Shurmur on Monday, the New York Giants are in search of the next head coach. It’s time for the Giants to realize their mistakes and make the right moves to set them up for the future. 

There is an old-school mentality within the organization and they are going to have to be flexible in order to improve. Gone are the days where the general manager has the full and final say on all operational moves. Head coaches nowadays want to have a say.  This could be a problem while interviewing candidates for the head coaching job.

Gettleman Safe For Now:

Dave Gettleman has drafted very well, but he has contradicted himself several times in interviews.  He is arrogant, old-school, and maintains all power in terms of roster decisions. This could be a turn off while trying to land the next head coach. 

The Leonard Williams trade may be one of the worst Giants trades of all time. He leveraged our future, sending two draft picks to the Jets, just to rent a player in a losing, meaningless season. The Giants did not sign Leonard Williams to a long-term deal and he is now an unrestricted free agent. Gettleman then defended this move in his interview today.  This is the kind of thing that drives the Giants fan base absolutely crazy. 

One thing in the Giants favor is that the head-coaching vacancy seems to be the most attractive job available.  You have a world-class running back and a very coachable, capable quarterback to build around. Two other teams in the NFC East may also be searching for their next head coach. The Redskins have major questions at the quarterback position. If the Cowboys fire Jason Garett, that vacancy will not be filled by a coach who wants major authority.

This leads me to my point. The Giants cannot get this wrong.

This is a major turning point for the organization.  With success in free agency and another solid draft, the Giants roster should be able to compete next year. But if the right coach is not in place, it will all be for nothing.

And that’s the point...