Coaches Corner: Giants Options with Daniel Jones

By Michael Stewart@TheTruthNYG

Quarterback Daniel Jones is under the gun as he enters his 3rd season with the New York Giants. In his rookie season, Jones gave us a glimpse of what could be as the heir apparent to Eli Manning with a solid season in just 12 games (24 TDS/12 INTS/3,027 yards). However; Jones struggled in his sophomore season as we can point our finger for reasons such as: new offensive scheme, limited to no training camp. Many view Jones 3rd season as his moment of truth to convince the Giants organization that he is the guy to lead them moving forward. So what happens if Jones struggles in 2021 and leaves doubt in the minds with the Giants? What should be the team’s course of action heading into the 2022 season. Well, let’s take a look at their options below and the probability of it becoming a reality:

The Draft: The Giants currently have 10 picks in the 2022 draft with 7 in the 1st four rounds and 2 in the 1st round (trade with Chicago). Many experts have already projected both picks for the Giants in the 1st round will be in the top 15; which could lead us to believe that the Giants could go with a quarterback with one of those picks. Pending where their picks wind up in the 1st round, the Giants will have a few quarterback prospects to choose from (Sam Howell-UNC/Spencer Rattler-Oklahoma/Kedon Slovis-USC/Desmond Ridder-Cincinnati/Malik Willis-Liberty/Carson Strong-Nevada) are all projected to be 1st round picks at this time. Probability: 25% chance.

A Trade: The Giants could certainly choose the trade route to expedite the team’s playoff aspirations with a more experience quarterback to guide a talented roster. The Giants could look for an experience quarterback in 2022, but if they want to make a big splash, we could see two Hall of Fame bound quarterbacks possibly available in Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Both would certainly be more than capable of getting the Giants to the next level and making them a legit playoff contender. However; history tells us that the Giants usually don’t venture in these types of trades as both quarterbacks would eat up a large portion of the Giants cap space. However; it could be a consideration as they do have the draft capital and cap space to pull it off. Probability: 15% chance.

Free Agency: The Giants could consider free agency; which is usually defined as “a quick fix”. The Giants will be in a better position next year with their cap space to even consider venturing into the free agent market for a quarterback. The 2022 quarterback class will have a handful of worthy candidates such as Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield. Unfortunately, all three will have their 5th year option picked up; which would eliminate them from the free agent market. There are other notable options available, but if the Giants decide to go the free agent route, they need to go for one of the three mentioned; which is not happening.  Probability: 0% chance.

Stay with Jones: The 4th and final options could be for the Giants to stick with Jones as they would have the 2022 season o gauge his development as well. For the Giants to totally give up on Jones, he would have to have a complete digression in his development this season; which is possible, but not likely. In my opinion, if Jones could at the very least duplicate his rookie stat line this season, while minimizing his turnovers; the Giants would strongly favor re-signing him. Still, this would be a tough decision for the team to consider as the financial commitment would be extreme. Probability: 60% chance.

Could this be Daniel Jones final season as a Giant? Personally I don’t believe so. All the pieces are in place for Jones to succeed with the addition of offensive weapons this off season with Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Kyle Rudolph and the return of a healthy Saquan Barkley. Last season, Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton were the top 2 targets for Jones and now they will most likely be Jones 3rd/4th options. The Giants are hoping Jones can finally put it all together as he does possess many of the tools to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL as long as the offensive does their job. The million dollar questions are: Can Jones take that next step up and will the Giants be patient enough to allow some of the growing pains that comes with the territory with young quarterbacks.