Hey McAdoo..turn up the tempo and let’s go!

Ben McAdoo made this statement yesterday.

“No one is happy with the way the first team offense operated yesterday.  We need to improve, we need to make sure we are going forward, so we give guys opportunities to showcase their abilities.  But frustration does not solve anything.”

Our new coach needs to turn up the accountability dial.  So far…there aren’t many athletes showcasing anything and “frustration” seems to be being served with every meal. Everyone thought the NY Giants would come bursting out of the gate with a new high-flying Big Blue attitude, yet that is the farthest thing that I’ve seen.

Outside of “Snacks”, Hankins and King, I do not see many things to be encouraged about.  Matt LaCosse, who I was excited to see play is having knee surgery without much fanfare and I really haven’t seen Jenkins do much of anything, in fact…the only thing I have seen is back of his No. 20 jersey as he gets beats time and time again.

Yes, it’s preseason, so no one is hitting the panic button yet.  Yes, the defensive line looks improved with Hankins back, JPP back and Vernon rushing off the right side. But what about everyone else…guys like Bennett Jackson who was the darling of training camp in 2015 before he got hurt seems to be an afterthought.  Nat Berhe, last year’s pre-season favorite as a starter, now…invisible.

JT Thomas has no right making this team and should be in the first wave of cuts and I am totally lost on Brett Jones, the Canadian stand out.  I was sure this year he would step up and command a spot.  Either he’s out of position of just not an NFL player.   What is more scary is the Giants still do not have a running game even with 5 backs.

JR might need to start picking the NFL trash and sign some cast off lineman because Hart, Newhouse, Jones, Gettis are terrible.  This line continues to have issues and realistically, it is now very easy to see the impact Justin Pugh makes.  The former 1st round pick has been out for two games and instantly the line play has been brutal.  

The NY Giants also have too many running backs. Yes, it’s a good problem to have; however, I have no idea who can play.  I only want to see is Darkwa, Williams and Perkins.  Each back gets 10 carries each and let the chips fall where they may.

What we need to see more of this week in the last pre-season game.

  1. Power running with Rashad Jennings behind Pugh and Richburg
  2. Dominance by Odell Beckham Jr.
  3. Jenkins makes an interception of pass deflection
  4. Victor Cruz with 5 receptions for 65 yards
  5. Will Tye brings his A game = 3 catches and seals the corner for Vereen or Perkins.