Round 4: The New York Giants select TE Daniel Bellinger

With their first pick in the 4th round, the New York Football Giants addressed a glaring need with arguably the best TE prospect available in the 4th round in Daniel Bellinger. A dominant run blocker in a run-heavy offense with athletic upside. Don’t let his receiving numbers fool you, the Aztecs run the ball until they no longer can.

This kid did not get the opportunities in the passing game as other tight ends get. As Schoen and Daboll continue to target the guys they believe best fit this offense going forward, we see the investments in players who can do it all. Bellinger will be more than sufficient at the next level as a pass catcher and should round out as a solid and serviceable tight end. He does a good job in zone coverage in knowing where to sit and can be that blanket every QB needs.


You won’t confuse him with Travis Kelce but not surprisingly he tested similar to Dawson Knox, another tight end whose pass-catching was not as utilized in college. Now what that Knox comparison means is that you can expect similar usage in Daboll’s offense for Bellinger, the success is yet to be determined. Bellinger brings sure hands, versatility, and grit. He did not drop a pass last season, lined up at fullback, and loves to get attached at the point of attack. A position group that was thin has a strong, big-bodied blocker that will surprise defenses and fans with his hands and smarts.

Round: 4

Pick: 112

6’5”/253 lbs

San Diego State University

2021 Season:

Receptions: 31/Yards: 357

TDs: 2